5 Simple Rules to Sustain Ketogenic Diet

If you ever find yourself participating in a dialogue about weight loss or changing diet, there is a good chance you will want to know more about keto or ketogenic dietary plan. This is because the diet regime has become one of the absolute and popular weight loss strategies worldwide.

Research shows that embracing this diet plan aids in weight and help manage some health conditions such as cognitive declineinch and type two diabetes. So, do you need a keto protein powder for weight loss and overall wellbeing?

Note that most people find it challenging to implement a ketogenic diet plan because they have to count calories, eating particular foods, avoid lots of food, having to cook more, and being unable to find what they need in a local restaurant menu. Simply put, the keto diet plan requires you to get calories from fat, a lower amount from proteins, and fewer calories from carbs. Besides, it doesn’t have scary or difficult. Here are simple rules to help adhere to a keto diet regime.

1. Avoid carbs

You shouldn’t have foods that are considered carbs except avocadoes and vegetables. Well, you can get an allowance of 25 grams daily. In case you have other carbohydrate foods, that means you will exceed your daily carb limit and ruin your diet plan.

2. Make your breakfast fatty

Many people fail at ketogenic diet because they spend their day trying to adhere to the plan, and by evening, they realize that they lack enough fat. That means they must drink heavy cream to achieve their daily fat requirements.

To avoid this, ensure you get enough fat during your breakfast. If you like having a normal breakfast, you can opt for avocado, bacon, eggs, and keto coffee. Focus on getting about a third of your daily fat requirements in the morning.

3. The ‘two fists of meat’ rule

Yes, make a fist. That’s the amount of fatty meat you can get a day. That comes to amount 16oz of steak and is enough to help you hit your protein ratios. If you have a smaller fist, then it will be about 12oz.

Measuring your protein intake using your fist may not be accurate, but it’s a great way to get started.

4. One fat in every meal

Focus on getting enough fats from your fatty meats and breakfast. However, to hit your goal, you need to add fat to each meal. Add salad dressing, cheese, or nuts to your meal. For example, get a handful of walnuts, cheese, or one to two tablespoonful of olive oil, and you will get the right amount of fats you require.

5. Track and make the right adjustments

If you follow these rules, you will successfully implement your diet plan and begin losing fat. To be sure that the regime is working for you, it is recommended to track your progress and make the necessary adjustments. If you realize that you’re losing weight gradually, there is a good chance the diet regime is working for you.

If you intend to try a ketogenic diet, you should consult with your doctor or nutritionist just to be sure you are meeting all your daily nutritional requirements. Working with an expert can also help you establish whether or not you should make dietary changes.

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