Six Ways Whiteboard Animation Videos will Benefit Your Business

Short videos have been utilized as a marketing tool for so many years due to its ability to effectively convey the brand message to the public. Among all kinds of short videos used by businesses to promote their products, there is one that is currently rising in prominence because of its ability to attract people’s attention. It is whiteboard animation video.

Whiteboard animation videos combine the story telling aspect of drawings with the attractiveness of short video and become an excellent marketing tool. Whiteboard animation is simple, but the way it is presented is able to carry deep meaning and explain the true value of the brand in a way that will not bore the people who watch it. it is currently the most popular marketing tool in business and here are some reasons why your business should not miss the chance to follow this trend.

It Is Fun, Engaging and Memorable

One of the most difficult things about making a short video for promotion purpose is to keep the people interested in watching the video. The first five seconds is very crucial and if you fail to gain attention during that short period, the audience will not bother to watch the rest.

This is the best thing about whiteboard animation. There is something really fun and mesmerizing about seeing the drawing process, how the drawing appears out of nothing. It is very engaging so the audiences will have a reason to watch the video even though they don’t have any interest for the brand or the product.

Whiteboard animation video doesn’t only contain a speed up drawing process. You can also add audio to help explaining the drawing. This is where you can put the message about the product you want to promote. Drawing is a very important part of storytelling and that is exactly what this video is about. It tells stories. It still puts your product as the priority, but in a very subtle way.

Instead of forcing the brand message to the customer’s mind with traditional advertisement language, the combination of the drawing and the audio explanation will ensure the audiences get the message without being overwhelmed.

You Can Put Any Kind of Information

When it comes to introducing your product, there are definitely so many things you want to show to the audiences. Unfortunately, it is hard to put infographic or any statistical information into a video without making it looks like an oversimplified PowerPoint presentation. When watching a video, the audiences expect to be entertained, to see something fun and graphics and statistics are not the definition of fun.

Contrary to the traditional videos, whiteboard animation video can contain any kind of information without making the video boring. The story telling aspect of this video is able to make complex message easier to convey. As long as the artist is able to show an engaging drawing process, the video will still be fun to watch, no matter how boring the information actually is.

Moreover, whiteboard animation will always be fresh and it will never get old. You can always invent new ways and put more ideas to support the scribing so you can utilize this type of video for your business promotion for a very long time.

It Presents A Specific Call to Action

With whiteboard animation video, you can also tell what the viewers specifically need to do after watching the video. You can tell them to visit a certain website or call a specific number to purchase your product. This ability to present a specific call to action is the one that makes this type of video always result in better conversion rate. In addition, watching the drawing process also will make the audiences more focused on the video. This way, they will remember the message of the video. You can also add audio explanation and put emphasizing tone on the important parts.

It Is Cost Effective

Promotional videos, although short can be very expensive to make. But it is not the case with whiteboard animation. It is very cost effective because you don’t need to hire popular talents to star in the video. The cost to create a whiteboard animation will vary depend on the difficulty of the drawings, the length, the style of the drawings and the complexity of the message. However, it is still much cheaper compared to casting hot shot celebrities to appear in your video.

Besides, statistics have shown that the number of social media shares of whiteboard animation video keeps increasing and it is also shared more frequently compared to other types of video. As a result, you can rest assured that the marketing budget you spent will deliver better conversion rate.

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