Top 6 SMM Tools for Monitoring Social Media Accounts

If you want to keep a watch over your brand-performances then you should use the most advanced SMM-tools for brand-monitoring. On the other hand, social-listening can also be efficiently improved by means of these tools. Social-listening is nothing but keeping a track over brand-responses. These responses will prove how much popularity your brand has gained. Moreover, the count of conversions can also be known from the same.

If the responses are not coming as per expectations then advanced SMM-strategies can be definitely tried out. Brand-relevant messages can be now easily understood by means of SMM-tools. Now, social-media performances can be measured accurately with these tools. Best SMM reseller Panel can be easily utilized and they have saved lots of monitoring time. You can now receive timely alerts from these tools and these alerts will enable you to improve your social media presence to a great extent.


These alerts are being produced by Pinterest and these alerts are a real help especially for those brands that have got profiles at Pinterest for a very long time. These alerts are now playing a great role in monitoring brand-performances on a continuous basis. You can get into conversations directly by means of these tools.

Getting into the conversations can enable you answering all queries of your targeted-customers. This is how a healthy relationship can be built-up and on the other hand, pins can also be effectively shared.  When anybody pins directly from your official-site online you can instantly receive notification about the same and if you wish you can also communicate with him as per need.

Pinalerts can be now easily managed by entering into your account. These alerts will help you in making more and more customers. To be more precise, these alerts will bring more conversions to your site as a result of which your customer-base will become healthy.



It is commonest and easiest brand-conversion monitoring-tool of the era. Real-time chatters over Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can be now monitored and managed efficiently with the concerned tool. In this respect, keyword streaming is very much essential so that your search can be well-represented without any hassles.

This streaming can make optimum and effective utilization of this tool. Firstly, the keywords need to be selected and then streaming is added. After that, the account which is being targeted to be monitored needs to be chosen.

The chosen phrase or keywords need to be typed for adding necessary streaming. This tip has now facilitated brand search over Twitter and Facebook to a great extent.  Three different types of account can be availed out here like enterprise, pro and free accounts. You can choose any of these accounts as per your requirement and SMM-marketing purpose.


Brand-mentions all across the web can be easily monitored by means of Topsy. Analytics are being provided and sentiments can be perfectly measured by the concerned search-engine. Social-insights are being focused online from top-conversations. Large content volumes can be now easily managed and monitored with this search engine.

Different essential things especially influencers or videos, photos, tweets, and links are being perfectly sorted by this search engine. Recent, results or responses can be easily discovered and on the basis of the same, you can take necessary decisions.

Only top-conversations and influencers are being focused by Topsy. You can now get the advantage of comprehensive data out here.


Search-query, especially for any specific phrase or keyword, can be now established by means of Talkwalker. Return-data can be narrowed-down by quantity, frequency, language, and result-type. Brand-mentions and their respective sources are given on time. Engagement-level and brand-mentions’ performances can be accurately known on a real-time basis. Talkwalker explains influencers’ views about your brand.

These views are being expressed in relation to sentiment-analysis, demographic data including gender, language and location breakdowns, social-media and website analysis and tag-cloud featured general themes. Each country’s sentiment can be now indicated with special pie-charts and originated sources of conversations can be tracked by the world-map tracking system.


Google-alerts can be now effectively replaced by Mention. This tool segregates potential signals from unwanted noises and on the other hand online-presence can also be well-visualized. Real-time sources can be easily monitored and almost 42 languages can be availed out here. This is how reaction and interactions can be easily expressed.

Aggregated mentions can be now easily received via e-mails. You can now share different kinds of business-data especially PDF, CSV or export stats with your team members. Though you can avail different plans out here you can try out with the 14-day trial so that perfect selection can be made at the end of the day. Basic-plan is, of course, free and this includes 250 mentions every month, one user and one alert.


Both brand interactions and mentions can be now well-tracked by Social-mention. Since the visual-format is flexible therefore they can be easily understood. Mention-links can be easily tracked just by typing name first and then by clicking search. Source or timeframe sourcing is being included out here. This tool helps in knowing about your brand performance and strength.

In fact, future brand-actions can be now easily decided on the basis of current responses and brand-strength. Sources, hashtags, users, and top-keywords can be learned. Reach, mention-repeat and sentiments can be known by social-mention. Mentions’ RSS-feed can be maintained for putting them in the same loop. Social-mention can be availed for absolutely free of cost.

These are the most powerful tools of SMM and thus experts are strongly recommending their clients to adopt them. You can compare the tool-features properly in order to choose the right one that can fulfill your brand-monitoring purpose well. You can also get the strength of managing collected responses in a better way.

These tools are being featured with stronger notification-systems as a result of which you can now receive special alerts duly. Moreover, you can also avail advanced search-components on a real-time basis in these tools. Any size brand can be now monitored well online by means of using the best combination of SMM-tools. This combination enables your brand becoming an active part of social-community online.

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