Useful Tips to Make Your Facebook Become Effective Internet Marketing

Since Facebook has been growing up this fast, many people use it as media to promote their products. Moreover, many people turn their own page into a business page as well. however, for those who don’t have any company or business, Facebook is only used for fun and interact with people they know. For your information, nowadays, there are about 1.4 billion people are sing Facebook. So, why don’t you make use this as a profit? Chances are, you can grab and gain customers all over the world in order to be interested in what you offered. Nevertheless, Facebook will never be an efficient media if you cannot engage it with the business page somehow. Follow these tips below to engage your Facebook account to be a profitable business page. Scroll down to find out more!

Avoid creating a fake account for your own business page

You may have heard of many people creating fake account to create their business page on Facebook. Many people do this in order to make certain the employees do not abuse the fact that you have a brand page which connected to your personal Facebook account. Or, you can use this to make sure people that they do not mistakenly post things on your Facebook business page. For your information, making more than one Facebook account will against the term of service of Facebook that will enable Facebook to shut down your page anytime.

Adding recognizable profile pictures and cover photo

After you are done making your own business page, now it’s time to choose the profile picture. Choose a profile picture that will make your fans or followers to easily recognize that the page is yours. It could be a company logo or your photo in case you are a consultant or solo-preneur. It’s essential to be recognizable as you will potentially get Likes from the Facebook search. When it comes to choose a picture, take into account that Facebook will only require 180 pixels of picture dimension, the image will be displayed s 160 pixels though.

Next step, you will need to choose an interesting cover photo. Since the cover photo will take up the most space of your page, be sure to choose the one which has high quality as well as engaging to your fans.

Based on the goals of you are using this popular social media, you might consider to include links to your own website right on the description of your cover photo and profile picture. Links are beneficial to make viewers getting interested in your page and will try to find out everything about your company. Be sure to shorten the links by using UTM parameters to know whether or not they are still working.

If you want to feel more confident and explore your creativity on design skills, you can try to coordinate your cover photo with your profile picture in such creative way. you can imitate some famous products on their business page.

Filling out the about section with basic information as well as adding your company milestones

About section is the one of the most important Facebook sections you have to fill out. The ‘About’ section is the first place people will get to know about your page. Your visitors will also be able to navigate the about section by clicking the top page tab. Make certain to optimize the section with descriptive yet brief copy. By doing this, your visitors will be getting a real sense of what your page is actually about before deciding to give you a Like. You should also think about the section of ‘Milestones’ within the ‘About’ section with your remarkable company milestones as well.

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