Simple Tips of How to Make an Interesting Web Design

Website is an important tool especially for you who have a business or want to promote something. Why it is important? This is based on the fact that nowadays many people live with the new life style that cannot be separated from the internet access. If you already had a website of course that you want to have an interesting design in your website to attract many viewers. Here are some tips of how the Web Designers build a web design for you.

1. Be Unique. In making any masterpiece a designer should be unique or being different from the other people. This is also happened in the Web Designer. A web designer should be able to make his own layout, icon, animation, button and many more.

2. Composition. A web designer is always caring about the color composition that will be used in a website that he wants to make. You can use the Palette 216 Web Color that can be gotten from the This is to avoid the appearance of dither in the image with the GIF format. In making a website for a company, a web designer usually use the color that is used by the corporate color of the company.

3. Simple. Have you ever heard an opinion that “less is more”? This concept sometimes is also used by the web designers. Many of the Web Designers use the principal of keep it simple. The aim of this concept is to make a clean and informative website.

4. Semiotic. Semiotic is a science that learns about the signs. In this case we hope that by seeing the signs or pictures, the users or audience can understand the message that we want to deliver in the website easily and quickly. As an example do not make a sign that has the shape of button if it is not had a function as a button.

5. Ergonomic. The web designers are always pay attention to the ergonomic aspect. The meaning of ergonomic here is thinking about the users or audience convenience while they are reading the website. Web designer will choose the right font size so it will be easier to be read. The web designers will be also placed some links that can be accessed by the users or audience so the website can be informative enough.

6. Be Focus. You have to decide the priority of the messages that will be delivered. For the example, the title should be big but it should also match with the size of the subtitles. This is to avoid the confusion from the audience about which information that should be read first.

7. Consistency. You have to choose the font that will be used in the body text, title, subtitle and many more, so the website will look neat and discipline. Make the appropriate kind of the letter with the mission and vision of the related website. For an example, you have to avoid in using the Comic Font in the company website.

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