How To Create A Social Media Profile That Will Make You Stand Out As A Personal Injury Attorney

Social media has for a very long time been a mode for unofficial and unprofessional communications. The serious professional discussion had been left strictly to e-mail and hard copy letters. That was not until companies noticed how almost all of their clients are either registered in one or two social media accounts. That has revolutionized marketing for organizations as they have created personalized approaches to their clients depending specifically to their needs. Attorney and law firms are also not left behind in this. There are a few ways an attorney can create his/her social media account to make it more outstanding than the others.

1.         Keep The Social Media Accounts Professional

Many people visit social media every once in a while but not to work or do business, it’s normally for less serious activities like chatting and catching up, and it happens in the most unprofessional way. That would be a different scenario if you were operating a social media account as a professional organization. As an attorney, you need to keep these accounts as professional as you can. Give the right physical address of your offices, give correct contacts for your office then state clearly the company’s portfolio and all that you deal with in the company. Make a one-stop shop for everyone that might require any legal assistance.

2.         Know Your Client’s Favorite And Most Active Social Media

Every personal injury attorney Tampa should know very well the kind of clients s/he targets. With this, s/he would know what social media to use in his marketing and also the type of content to use in them. The most active social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. Create a well-addressed account on each of these social media platforms and always check to find out if someone might have written back to you.

3.         Post Research Done And Also Post Educational Pieces

People love to read studies and findings done depending on whatever they might be looking for. If you want to succeed as a personal injury attorney Tampa, teach people everything that you might know on a certain subject and keep it as informative as possible. Educate your clients on what exactly personal injury entails, why they should place charges and when they are entitled to get compensated. Most people suffer due to lack of knowledge, and if you can create a hub for them to get it from then, you will have done the first step of feeding them with information.

4.         Using Previous Case Studies

As an attorney, you might need to prove to your audience your achievements and in this matter real, visible proof of your work. A case study would do that for you. These are cases you have handled before and how they went to the end. That would help everyone relate completely with whatever situations they might be going through. Post the cases that went well for the clients mostly as this would motivate others with similar cases to approach you. However, make sure you are not exposing clients’ information without their consent because this can lead to breach of contract.

Technological advancements have done wonders in many sectors in the industries. You would require the other means of advertisement and marketing like the billboards and running advertisements on newspapers, but still, social media beats them all in today’s digital world. It reaches far and wide and to all kinds of people without any kinds of selection. The good thing with social media marketing is that it is very cheap compared to other means of marketing but the widest and convenient of them all. It is the only marketing and that you get to see the real-time reaction from your potential clients, get to relate in person with them anytime and anywhere, and it is also the only media that you can know how many people you have managed to reach out to. Social media is the future for many businesses.

Author Bio: Douglas Pitassi is a freelance writer and small business blogger.

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