Simple Steps for Using Pinterest to Increase Sales

Using pinterest to drive sales

Some social medias can promote yourself to be a popular person. It means that it can be used to promote your products or services as well to reach more customers from different areas or even from different countries. By using pinterest to increase sales, then you have opened the way to be a successful entrepreneur.

Steps to Promote Your Business Using Pinterest

Pinterest is one of social media, which have many followers from all over the world. By using pinterest to increase sales, you can make the strategies to promote your business more efficient, as you cut down many budgets, which are otherwise used for conventional advertisements.


Everybody loves coupons or anything related to a free thing or low cost thing. By offering some coupons on your Pinterest account, then you will attract more likes, lovers or the followers who use the similar media. Simply build a coupon board related to your business or products on your account. Do not forget to pin your images with the complete details of the products you offer and a link back related to the specific coupon page on your website or blog.

Using the Pinterest SEO

If you have many followers or Pinterest shoppers on your account, then they will look for the real websites of blogs, where they can find complete information on your products or services. Build SEO to increase the number of customers on your account. One thing you must remember is you have to mention your company name so the search engine can put it on its page.

Put simple keywords but they must be able to describe the overall condition of your company, such as what you do, what your products are and so on. Do not forget to put the name of your pin board names that will describe the keywords you make. Last but not least, put many hashtags on your pin, and simple but briefly descriptions about your company.

Make Rich Pins

Rich pin is kind of a new feature on Pinterest. By using rich pins, you can put some details related to your pins and it will automatically update so you do not have to put lots of efforts to make it update. You can do many things inside the rich pins such as changing the prices, showing the availability of the products and describe the details ingredients you have used if you sell foods.


Creating the contest will increase your sales rapidly. It is one of the methods to gather likes, shares, lovers, and re-pins. You can make the contest through your website or blog to gather some traffic on your blog. Make the contest by giving some awards or prizes for some people. Do not give your awards for many people or else you will have to pay much for them.

Just hold the contest for 4 of 5 winners and they will get awards related to your products so the can have free samples of it and try it at home. If they are satisfied in using the products, they will look for another as well.

Shortly, by using Pinterest to increase sales, you have already used the social media wisely instead of showing your photos and activities only. If you use it continually, then you do not have to spend much money on another marketing tool.

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