The Most Recent Cars Technologies for Automobile Lovers

Car market may develop a bit slower these days but technologies for automobile develop in rapid pace. Types of car technology come in wide variety of options. Some of them perhaps emphasize to improve the safety in the car while some others are created innovatively to enhance the entertainment in the car. Whatever types of technologies which are launched, they are commonly created based on the most needs in the car market. The prices of the auto technologies come in various range as well. You can find technology with affordable prices to the ones with expensive prices. Here, a few of technologies that become trends in the car market these days.

Rear-mounted radar

auto-insurance-backup-camera1Rear-mounted radar becomes one of technologies which are popular among automobile lovers these days. Perhaps, there are a number of radars for which have been developed previously but this new one is quite different with prior models. The previous models helps the driver to back out their car properly in parking area especially in crowded condition which commonly become a daunting task to do. Rear radars help to warn the driver if there unseen objects behind the car so that it avoids the car to hit that object. However, rear-mounted radar which is considered as new car technology helps to recognize approaching cross traffic. When it recognizes any approaching traffic while you are backing out the car, it will warn the driver by sounding an alarm. The type of this new radar is different from one car to another. This radar in Ford car for instance is called as Cross Traffic Alert. Meanwhile, in Chrysler car this rear radar is called as Cross Path detection System.

Pedestrian detector

Pedestrian detectorAnother new car technology that can be enjoyed by car driver these days is technology of night vision. Even though there are many night vision technologies that have been used by the majority of car drivers previously but like other technologies, it develops the new version. Then new version of technology of night vision in some cars helps to pinpoint the pedestrians by showing them in dashboard display. Other cars may have more advanced development by showing the direction on where the pedestrian move in it is also showed in the dashboard display. When the pedestrians come closer to the car, the driver will be warned by the system through night vision monitor and head-up displays that usually come differently from one car to another.

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