Types of PCBs

Print circuit boards are used for managing the preparation of circuits in hardware such as laptops computer or any digital or analog electronic devices. 

These print circuit boards are made up of some epoxy or special materials that can stand heat and work even under high resistant wires.

In market there are a number of types of PCBs such as single layer PCB, 32 Layers PCB, double layers PCB and rigid flex PCB.   

These are basically maps which define the flow of current. These are integrated boards having copper and insulators. These insulators make sur that the workers are not getting hurt. 

These are very useful. The engineers and users make a design on different software and then you get the printed hardware. these boards can be used by scratching the surface of the insulators where they desire to make a circuit connection. 

If you ever happen to check a broken electronic device you can easily see some dark green and light green boards. These are PCBs the golden linings in them are copper wires. They are not actually wires but as they are the most efficient conductors thus they are implanted in the boards.

Types of PCBs

  • Single layer PCB 

As the name implies these are made up of single layers of substrate. These are low cost because the lining of cooper and substrate is very thin, if you are working for a low price project then it is the best option. 

These single layer PCB are also best for devices which require low voltage and current flow. 

  • Double layer PCB 

PCB with double layers are required for more integrated systems such as in heavy electronics. These are with holes for making connections. Small wires can be connected through those holes.

  • Multiple layers PCB

 These PCBs are like sandwich with more than one layer. Different PCB boards are connected over one another and then glued together with the help of some reliable adhesives. 

These circuits come in different sizes. Again as they have got a multiple circuit boards thus they are used for heavy electronics where high voltage and more current is required. 

  • Rigid PCB 

These are made up of solid substrate. These are used for CPU, mother boards etc. they are always and most of the times used in the form of groups as standing units in machines. 

Most of the times these are used for communication and sending data within the devices.  

  • Flexible PCB 

These are made up of flexible materials. Unlike other PCBS they are slightly expensive. The material used can be mold according to the need of the users. 

They are used in devices which are made s water proof, hock proof and corrosion resistant machines. 

  • Flex rigid PCB 

These are the combination of both the PCBS. Some part of these PCBs are rigid while others are flexible. These are built of epoxy laminate, Teflon and PPO. 

These are high frequency PCB. These type of PCB are mostly used in Cell phones and other connectivity devices.    

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