The Use of Technology in Education Making Great Result

Education indeed gives us knowledge. Education makes us have our own opinions, interpretations, perspectives, and points of view of our own on anything in the world we live in. Some educators say that education is the process of gaining information about anything in the world.

Talking about information today, we have to talk about the technology that many people agree is the result of education. Technology itself is important in education now because it is able to improve the relationship between the teachers and their students. Technology makes the teaching and the learning process become more and more fun and meaningful. Let’s see how technology influences the education so enormously.

Technology in the Classroom

· Nowadays, teachers can use much software to help them teach their students. Big and small concepts can be explained easily with digital models and simulations. The process of anything that can be very long, very slow, very fast are easier now to demonstrate in the classroom with high-tech devices completed with certain software having texts, models, interactive, and simulations related to subjects.

· Teachers nowadays can teach Math—one of the most frightening subjects to learn, more easily with the software of virtual manipulative. Blocks and beads counting which takes time to do will no longer exist. Students will play with numbers from the device with math software happily and easily.

· Technology makes it possible for students and teachers to read many books easily. In the device that students can carry everywhere, they can read the e-books assigned to read. Later when the teacher asks them to describe what the students read, they will do it enthusiastically since they have read the e-books easier.

· Technology also makes it possible for students to learn other people’s language and cultures. With the teacher as the facilitator, they can directly learn the language from the native living in other countries with a video call.

· Technology makes it easy for students to do the role-playing. For examples, the today’s topic is about people’s occupations. With the software the teachers have, the students will see how people do their jobs. So, students will be able to figure out what they will do with the role they have in the role-playing session. This definitely will make them be more familiar with people’s occupation and get inspired to become ones in the future.

· With technology, the students will be able to do any projects. Creating things that need experiments will be easier with the help of technology. The students also will able to prove any principles scientists contributed to the world with the help of high-tech devices with related software.

· The teacher will be easier to do the assessing as well. With a certain program, teachers can create problems to solve by their students so easily with the high-tech device.

Yes, for the physical education, of course, they need to go to the yard and gymnasium provided at school. They can learn about the theory and the strategic and see professional players through the high-tech device the school provides for the teachers and their students.

The Reasons Why the Students and Teachers Need Technology

· Technology can make the students with any learning styles learn something more easily and interestingly.

· Technology can help students choose their careers in the future.

· With the device they use in the classroom, schools especially teachers make the students able to use a device correctly, effectively and wisely.

· Students who are familiar with technology will be fast to get up-to-date information. So, they will be ready to compete with other students in the world. Definitely, the world will be in their hand to run so they can contribute something good for the whole world and humankind.

· With technology, the teachers and the students will interact easily and they will together create many opportunities.

So, technology in the classroom is great, right? The Parents, of course, need to play a very important role at home. They need to supervise what their kids see on the internet. Some rules need to be given to their kids regarding the sites and contents they cannot see. It will be greater if the parents have some software for selecting the best sites for their students. The parents and the teachers also need to know that technology has negative sides.

There is a possibility for students to be addicted to technology and be too lazy to move their body. Modern people in the world not only have to be great with technology but also in physical appearance. Meaning, they still need to make their body healthy by moving around like doing their hobbies and sports. The parents also need to make their kids eat nutritious foods since they will see the screens of devices all the time. Certain foods and vitamins will lessen the possibility to get health problems from using devices too much. It is hoped, that the article about technology and education can get you more inspired to be a better person every day.

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