Tips to Avoid Boringness when Being a Writer

Writing could be a fun activity since you can share your idea in a paper. Perhaps you still remember when you were a child and wrote a diary before going to sleep. This activity shows that you like to write; even you can develop this talent into a business like making book, being writer in the newspaper, editor in magazine and many more. However, not everyone can face boringness when writing. In the beginning, you are so enthusiasm and get so many ideas to write. Each plain paper could be written with new ideas. But, when you get the same topic to write everyday, then you are getting stuck. You can write same topic with different of view. This could give another solution for writing more and more.

Paul MurrayCheck out whether your hobby is writing. If you think this as a hobby, you can make it for fun. You can write the latest news which just happened. Don’t worry with competition since it is normal that being a writer has to pass the competition as well. Get refreshing if your eyes are tired. You need to get fresh idea to write. However, writing is not solely in the desk. You can bring the laptop in the fresh air then start writing. Furthermore, you can’t write before reading. You should be diligent for reading and searching information. From this, you can upgrade your skill for writing. Besides that, having discussion with partner will sharpen your brain. You can convey creative idea through writing. If possible, you can follow writing competition where you could get the possibilities to be famous writer. Try writing different topic to enlarge your knowledge. If you are writing kids topic, you can try writing adult topic. However, you also can try writing a film which is so challenging.


Sitting a lot can cause back pain. You should not sit more that 30 minutes without moving your body. You can do frequent stretches could help for relaxing tension muscles. Make sure that you get enough light to write. The chair should be comfortable. Don’t forget drink a lot and do regular exercise at least 3 times a week. In 8 hours for working, you should only use 5 hours for writing since your eyes need refreshing and rest. You can’t force yourself for writing when your body is tired. Thus, being a writer is a good combination of skill, knowledge, hobby, and mood.

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