How to Check Someone’s Phone Call History Online with TTSPY

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Tracking someone’s phone call history has become very important lately. There are many reasons for someone wanting to track someone else’s call history. Parents want to check the children phone’s usage, business owners who would like to check on their employees’ phone usage, and spouses who would like to check on their partner. There are different ways that this can be done, as installing an application, logging it on the phone carrier’s webpage or downloading to third party app.

In the market, there are a lot of developers and companies that provide services for making call history accessible. However, the practicality of the apps is different, there are certain apps needed to be rooted to function, there are apps that are only available and supports certain types of ios and so forth.

TTSPY is one of the third-party providers who will be able to help you do it! Their app is simple and easy to navigate through. They supported both android and iPhones models. It can be used on more to access more than one phone.

Keep in mind that you are subjected to adherence to privacy and technology law.

TTSPY will need you to agree on their end-user license agreement. The agreement stated that this action can only be done to phones that are proprietary yours. You are legally allowed to have access to the call history of someone under 18. If the phone is not yours, and the other person is not 18, then you will have to comply with the law to ask for their permission to do so. To ensure your stance by the law, please go through both local and international law that governs similar if not the same matter.

Other than accessing the call history, TTSPY offers more services than that. Depending on the type of information and services that you require, TTSPY offers its services for both free and for a premium offer of $49,99. The only difference between both of them is that there are certain data that can only be accessed through the premium package.

Call history
  • Call history

You will have access to the phone’s contact. Not only that, you will be able to know its complete call history both for an incoming and outgoing call, the period of the call and the contact number itself.

  • Text Messages

You will be able to see people who sent the messages along with the message thread itself.

  • List of installed apps and its activity

The list of installed apps will be available for your perusal. The app also recorded the function and the activity of each app.

  • IM and Social Media

The app provides access to chat threads on a list of famous IM and social media such as Facebook, skype, line, Kik, WhatsApp, Tinder, Instagram, and Tumblr to name a few.

  • Location Tracking

The application allows you to track the location of the phone in a format similar to a google map.

  • Photos

You will be able to have access to photos that are saved on both internal and external drives.

  • Wifi history location

This option will enable you to be able to know the wifi access point location in which the device was connected to.

  • Browser history and bookmarks

You are able to see the history and bookmarks in the phone’s browser.

  • Password and keylogger

Keylogger mode will enable to you know what is the things that are being typed using the phone’s keyboard. TTSPY also enables you to know the password to the accounts that were signed in through the device.

  • Calendars, notes and voice memos

With a premium subscription, you will be able to not only have access to the phone calls history but also able to record the incoming and outgoing call.  

Premium subscription will also enable you to control the front and rear camera. You would be able to take both photos and videos using the cameras that are installed on the phone. As an additional benefit, you will also be able to screen capture the phone remotely.

If you have decided to use TTSPY, installing it is very simple. Visit TTSPY official website and subscribe. Click on the buy-now option that is available on their official webpage. Download and install on the phone that you would like to snoop on.

The installation process for android phones is much easier than iPhones. For Android phones,   all you have to do is to have access to the phone. For iPhones however, you have access to the iCloud that is used on that device. Log in to the control panel and you will be able to start monitoring for texts, calls, and other services that you have chosen based on your type of subscription.

Your data security is guaranteed as well. TTSPY is fully compliant with the GDPR and is only collecting data that are necessary for them to bill you and charge the bank for your payment. They only collect certain personal data that they would use in the ordering and other processes such as product serial number, email address, order information, payment information, customer support communications and internal marketing information such as how and when do you visit their website.

They would only be using those data to provided customer service or support, provide the products or services that you have ordered, verifying your identity, and sales analytics.

The data that is obtained through the activity of the app itself is not stored. Hence the sensitive data of the phone user will be kept safe.

TTSPY provide a refund that is available only for 30 days. The refund can only happen under several circumstances such as; the phone is not your proprietary, it doesn’t have any connection to an internet provider, you have not obtained the permission of the owner to install the app, personal reasons, and you not having access to the target phone.

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