5 tips to protect your company’s information


Nowadays, the information of our company not only remains in a computer, but accompanies us wherever we go through mobile devices. The company company specialized in Talent Management in Information Technology, IT Talent, gives you 5 practical tips to protect your data.


  1. Make back-ups

A virus, technical failure or the fall of a server could cause total loss or momentary access to important work data such as databases or documents. That is why it is always recommended to make a backup copy, whether it is a hard drive, usb or a cloud service that has the necessary security.

On the other hand, never completely trust servers such as Google Drive, these may fall momentarily due to hacker attacks and this causes the loss of momentary access to documents. Therefore it is recommended to download the most important data and / or documents to the device of your trust.


  1. Do not trust free antivirus

Although antivirus like Avast can be very useful for home computers, because they are an economical option, corporate computers can not afford to take risks in this way. The payment antivirus update their database more quickly and effectively, which could be a point in favor of vital importance in the case of the emergence of new viruses or forms of camouflage for them. Do you know which one best suits your needs? Savenit has the best premium antivirus for you.


  1. Block applications on your cell phone

Our mobile will always load important information for our company and sometimes the easiest solution to this is the screen lock. The trouble is that putting a pattern on your phone every time you want to use can be annoying, so there are applications like AppLock in which you can put a password to some important apps such as your shared data clouds or your mail app.


  1. Close all sessions before leaving your work area

Although stealing an office is very rare, there are more stealthy theft forms such as information theft. Even an employee of the same company can take advantage of some post-work event to get into an office, turn on the computer and copy in an usb whatever is of interest. That is why it is recommended to close all sessions and never mark “remember password”, even if it is tedious to have to open everything the next morning.


  1. That the corporate emails remain in the company

The emails of companies that manage databases can have very important information in their clouds, this data could be provided to other companies through their employees. A recommendation against this is that a person in charge of the area is in charge of logging the emails of all the machines before the employees arrive, so they do not have the password, they can only use these emails in their work area.

IT Talent is a company specialized in Talent Management in Information Technology: Search Solutions, Evaluation and Selection of Personnel, Outplacement, Labor Intermediation, Outsourcing and Headhunting. IT experts evaluate technical aspects and soft skills comprehensively; Finding the right professional according to the needs of your organization.

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