Top 6 Smartphone Apps Applying Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented Reality (AR) is a kind of technology that enables the virtual things to be augmented in the real environment. There are some examples of this technology commonly used in our life. The easiest one is probably Google Map. Meanwhile, the game Pokemon Go that has been popular since the production also applies this technology. Of course, if you open the App Stores, many apps have implemented AR technology on the way of its development. In this app technology news, here are some of them which are the best.

Google Sky Map

Google Sky Map is probably one of the oldest augmented reality apps in the Play or App Store. This app basically provides features to enable the users to explore the auto space simply from their Smartphone. If you want to use it, it is really easy. Just point your Smartphone to the sky. Then, the app will show you the locations of planets, objects, and the condition of galaxy in general.

Interestingly, this app is also able to realize things that maybe still beyond your imagination. There is Time Travel feature that is functioned to display the sky position with date and time that has been determined before. ‘Dropdown’ menu, on the other hand, can be chosen to travel beyond the time and space. Meanwhile, ‘Gallery’ let’s you see the original shape of galaxy when it is seen by the telescoped. Sure, there are still many other features that are interesting for the lovers of astronomy.


Long before the era of Pokemon Go, there is actually another game with AR technology. It is namely Ingress. This game asks the users to save the human being from the danger of mysterious energy spreading globally. The gamers are divided into two groups; they are The Enlightened and The Resistance.

Well, the AR implementation can be seen from the field of playing the games. The portals to be ruled are not only seen on your Smartphone screen but also in the real life. By using GPS, the map can be displayed to represent the roads around us like in the form of building, tower, houses, and more.

Quiver 3D Coloring App

What is the relationship between coloring app and the augmented reality? Of course, there is in Quiver App. This app enables you to color anything around you. Interestingly, the objects appeared can be changed from 2D to 3D. Of course, this app is very good to be downloaded and installed for anyone. If you want to let your kids for being more creative while enjoying the AR technology more, Quiver is undeniably the best answer. On the other hand, for adults themselves, it is such a good activity to reduce stress.

Field Trip

For you the travelers, this AR-based app must be installed on your device. Slightly, it is probably not much different from Google Map and the likes. However, this app offers you many other features. One of them is that it will give you information about all things around. As an example is when you see a unique building in front of you. Just shoot it and then further information will be given. So, you should not worry about being lost or something during your vacation since this app will be definitely helpful.

Google Goggles

There is one more app officially from Google that you must have for its AR technology applied. In general, it is quite similar to Field Trip. Of course, not only is it good for travelling, other activities can also be done more smoothly using this app including when you need to meet the colleagues or clients. In the near future, this app will be realized in the form of goggle for real. Basically, it is functioned like a pair of glasses but with such functions. Once you wear it, you may not need to look for your Smartphone when there is any information you want to know more.

AR GPS Compass Map 3D

In this modern day, people may not need to use compass as much as in the past. However, it doesn’t mean that it is not necessary at all. More than that, modern compass looks greater with the application of AR technology like in GPS Compass Map 3D.

To use it is very easy, just point the Smartphone on a certain position and then this compass will give you further explanation where you are now. Interestingly, quite different from other kinds of compass, it looks much better for the display of the real location. Then, the AR technology gives you more explanation in the form of virtual features.

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