Pros and Cons of Conventional Marketing

Those who really concern about the conventional marketing, keep in mind that it is the offline marketing methods which have never been vanished. From childhood, we have been induced by the ideas of conventional marketing methods since we would buy anything that was promoted via TV ads. And yes the offline marketing methods really work until today.

The general tools of offline marketing are word of mouth, handouts, telecommunication, brading, mails, printed media, TV, radios, and many more. We of course can not deny the fact that there are more and more companies in every scale are moving to online visibility. They think that does it matter? Well, if there are some who leave behind offline marketing method since they want to improve their online visibility only, that makes sense. But for that reason, one’s actually need to look at the pros and cons of conventional marketing first before moving to online completely. So, let’s take a look at those matters.


The first pros of conventional marketing is faster results. Compared to the internet marketing, you need to wait for several weeks until you see the SEO results to happen. You are not just getting the first rank on the first page overnight or within the first month even. This is tough. The statistics shown that banners ads online took more time to engage the audience. Instead, the traditional marketing like spreading the brochures, pamphlet, posting the billboard, are more effective since pairs of eyes look at them directly and will record the message of your ads.

The truth is that there are  a lot of websites which are abandoned by the owners and the search engine won’t even crawl it. That is sad really, but that is the fact. In the other side, the conventional marketing, offline method, has such dynamic possibilities. Who knows your business card will remain in the customer’s purse for next 5 years, or 10 years. When your services are needed, people will look at your business card and contact your right away. The point is that the business has more longevity if we can maintain the offline method.

The other aspect of pros is about trust. It is a significant factor regardless of the model of your business. Most folks are more comfortable purchasing products from the physical parlor rather than online. The sensible reason is that you can see the people who are interested in purchasing and see their feedbacks or expressions right at the spot. Those can not be made by online marketing. With the commencing of scamming websites around the internet, purchasing offline is still top priority for some people.


Just like the online method, it also has the cons that should be considered. First of all, the businesses must have such enough budget to cover all of the costs and expenses. It is not a cheap advertising method. The bigger the radius you want to take over the bigger expenses that you have to cover. The simple tip is that you can push the advertisement based on your current capability then leveraging the potential engagement after making more sales in your business.

After considering the pros and cons, you surely will know about what phases you will take.

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