Filmora9 Released: The new look and features are too good to miss

Wondershare, known for its creativity, has unveiled Filmora9 aiming to provide users better experience than ever. Packed with a great deal of new features, this new update promises the users to acquire the magical results using limitless effects. Ranging from 100 video/audio tracks, cross compatibility, enhanced performance and better editing functionalities, the journey of Filmora till its 9th edition has been so amazing.

For tasting the improved performance of this wonderful video editor, you must know what quality things it has brought for you. Therefore, here we are going to take you to the exploration ride of Filmora9. Carry on reading and get acquainted with it.

What’s new in Editing!

Let’s take a look on its enhanced editing and performance –

  • Video tracks (up to 100)

With this functionality, as the heading suggests, one can effortlessly arrange their files up to 100 tracks. Taking the help of filters, transitions, and many other effects, one can build more attractive compositing effects.

  • Importing and exporting – faster than before

With newest version, Filmora9 assures that you don’t get a hard time while importing your files or exporting them to other mediums. While other video editors test your patience in importing or exporting, switching to Wondershare Filmora9 will be a great decision as it ensures a higher speed for importing/exporting your media files. In other words, importing/exporting is just a click away for you with Filmora9.

  • Video stabilization is no more a dream

We commonly come across with situations where our videos end up futile due to the blurriness and shaking footage. However, Filmora9 fully takes care of this and allows you to smooth out that unstable footage with its stabilization tool. So, cheer up and never worry about unsteady video when you have Filmora9.

  • Cross-compatibility: ease of PC/Mac

Filmora9 doesn’t stay behind when it comes to cross-compatibility. Whether you begin with your projects on Mac or PC, with the help of Filmora9, you can continue working in either operating system when there comes a time to switching between the two operating systems.

  • Playback quality can be modified

You get the adjustable playback quality with Filmora9. With this, you are simply getting assisted in reducing the video preview resolutions, as a result of which there will be a smoother editing experience. Also, the exported video quality won’t be affected when you adjust the resolution.

  • High resolution previews and snapshots

What a great disappointment it is when you get to face unclear video preview! But not here with Filmora9! It gives you an opportunity to preview your video with enhanced clarity and enables you to get the high resolution still frames as well. So, explore more and express more!

  • Superior chroma key compositing

Chroma key refers to merging two images or frames where the color of one frame gets replaced with the color from another one. The green screen tool comes in handy for achieving this task. With Filmora9, you can avail green screen tool for replacing the scene background and acquire incredible results.

Let’s Talk about Audio Functionalities

  • Waveforms – way better

With the release and betterment of Filmora9, the team has greatly worked in betterment of waveforms. The first audio feature includes finer visibility of waveforms. So, when you are going to edit the soundtracks or audio files, you can edit without complication for the waveforms are going to be represented apparently.

  • Keyframe audio editing

Adjusting the volume of the audio files plays a key role when you expect the flawless output. And here, with the upgraded Filmora9, you can execute the audio clips’ volume adjustments within the timeline via keyframing and make multiple adjustments in one clip.

Reinforced Interface

A user interface is almost a source of communication between software and the user. So, we can’t miss speaking about it when introducing Filmora9. Here you go!

  • Flexibility of Track Size

When it comes to interface, the track size draws special attentions. Filmora9 gives the users choice to pick out from the 3 track sizes i.e. ‘Small’, ‘Normal’ and ‘Big’. As a suggestion, when you’re up to audio editing, choosing the larger tracks will be useful since you get larger waveforms thereby getting more details and better results.

  • Adjust Clips in Video Preview

For much better participation, there’s much more with the video preview window. You can get the advantage of flipping, rotating or moving any sort of image or video clip in the video preview window rather than just adjusting the resolutions.

Sharing is Caring!

Don’t let your hard work go in vain! When you have an informative content, why don’t you share it with others over social media platforms? And Filmora9 considers this important and hence allows you to share your files to social platforms like YouTube.

Final Verdict

To sum up, we feel that Wondershare Filmora9 with its fresh version is going to provide an up-to-the-mark user experience. Being a feature-rich, high-quality performer and loaded with impressive facilities, one can’t ask for more when they have Filmora9.

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