5 Tips for Turning your Garage Into a Studio

If you’ve got a garage that has turned into a catch-all for all the old stuff you can’t be bothered to throw out, you could be missing out on making good use of prime space. With a bit of hard work and investment, you could turn a dusty garage into a stylish industrial studio to let out or use as a temporary room when family or friends come to visit. If this sounds like a dream plan, here are five top tips to make sure your conversion goes swimmingly.


Clear everything out before you get started.

Pull everything out before you get started— yes, that means everything. Any belongings left inside will be left with a healthy coating of dust by the time you’re done. Besides, if you’re revamping the space, it’s likely that most of the items in there will need to be moved anyway.

If there are lots of items you want to keep or sensitive items that you don’t want to put just anywhere in your main house, then a personal storage unit, like those offered by US Storage Units, might be your answer. If you need self storage, they are the best option to go with, offering as much space as you need with modern facilities. Affordable self storage solutions are great solutions for short-term storage needs at a reasonable price. With spots at great locations across the United States, head down to a US storage center to check out the number of ways you can find the right size storage unit for you.


Lean into an industrial style.

Industrial style is a popular interior trend recently and with good reason. For conversions like this, it’s smart to lean into this style and go all the way, as your DIY building will result in some industrial looks regardless. One great way to achieve it is by putting a concrete coating on your concrete garage floor rather than trying to replace what’s already there. It’s practical and easy to clean, plus you can dress it up as much as you need to suit your style. It’s a blank canvas that fits into the minimalistic interior trend. TSR Concrete Coatings note that a high-quality floor needs a coating to be able to last a long time, so while you’re doing the hard work of this conversion, it’s a great option to add in some upkeep at the same time.


Educate yourself on building codes.

If you’re making major changes to your garage, be sure to know what’s acceptable and what’s not according to local regulations. It won’t be the best experience if you invest a bunch of time and energy into a project, only to be fined or penalized upon completion because it’s not up to code. You can find the majority of information freely available online, but if you’re ever unsure, it’s always best to ask the local government to be on the safe side.

Know when to seek help.

If you’re at the right place in your DIY journey, you might be able to do a lot of the conversion on you’re on. However, if this is your first project, don’t be afraid to ask for help or contract work out when you need to. Complicated work like electrics or plumbing might be safer to leave to professionals. If you’re not sure of what needs doing, many companies will allow you to send in a video recording of the space so they can offer you advice. Even online forums can hold a wealth of information that might make the job easier and cheaper.


Make the most of your space.

Get creative with how you want to use the room for living and storage space. Depending on what you want to use the garage for, you might want to think about investing in space-saving furniture, getting large windows to maximize how big it feels, or think outside the box in other ways to make restrictive space work for you.

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