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VPN is a strong term for countries that don’t allow citizens to speak their mind and freedom is an expensive phrase. Never did I imagine that I would live in a country, where politicians would bring laws that prevent citizens to criticize Government actions and politician’s actions.

I always had the question in mind, which VPN service would bring utter anonymity of my identity and there are a few out there that indeed masks your original IP address. However, one country’s government forms pacts with another government for stronger influence around the world. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and you can read about the VPN information in detail from these articles.

Why is it important for consumers to know the VPN company Establishment?

A VPN service cannot operate anonymously or they have to conduct business illegally. VPN management has to set-up physical servers around the world and shows the source of revenue to the income tax commission. Unfortunately, many governments do have an influence in another country and they can use loopholes in constitutional laws to access a copy of the customer’s personal data.

In short, government officials can influence the authority to fetch the customer’s personal data legally. The local court has the power to bring VPN company management in the premises and transfer one copy of the data. In this informative tutorial, I will list down five countries that prevent corporate & government officials from using loopholes in constitutional laws and protect common citizens of the country.

1. Spain

Spain comes under European Union that brings strong data protection laws for the citizens. The regulators have taken many adequate steps to ensure that citizen’s personal data is protected throughout the session, and your personal data directly protected by the Spain court of law. Spain has strong laws and has proper General Data Protection Regulation & strong Freedom House Assessment. Do not conduct any illegal activities because the local human rights commission won’t help the victims.

2. Switzerland

Switzerland’s economy laws and financial institutions are extremely popular around the world. Switzerland is not part of the European Union and is not part of the Five Eyes alliance. The country laws do not answer the call of foreign powers when it comes to handing a copy of the sensitive data.

Unfortunately, it is another reason why black money is a hub of Swiss banks. Swiss authorities do not share or provide any support when it comes to sharing sensitive data of any form, and they never provide the data. It is also another reason, why Torrent downloading is not a problem in that country until or unless you are profiting from it. Currently, ProtonVPN, VyprVPN, and Perfect Privacy registered the company in Switzerland and they have the Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) to protect citizens.

VPN Services Registered in Romania: ProtonVPN, VyprVPN, and Perfect Privacy.

3. Iceland

Iceland is a humble country that doesn’t participate in global intelligence alliances. The government added “Equal Access to Internet” laws to protect the citizens and receive unbiased digital services. The Iceland data protect acts designed to protect the consumers of the country, and they do not let foreign powers and corporate manipulate loopholes in the system.

Regardless of the Data Protection Act, they introduced “Data Retention” laws to enforce telecommunication companies to store records of the consumers for up to six months. However, Telecommunication companies cannot put the data on sale and share with other corporate people. The laws were designed to catch the criminals and only used in the justice system. Overall, Iceland does not meddle with freedom of speech and is secure for VPN companies & consumers.

4. Romania

Romania is part of the member country of the European Union, but they don’t comply with EU Data Protection laws. Romanian government signed the EU’s 2006 Data Retention Directive in the alliance, but it directly violated the Constitutional Court of Romania’s basic laws and brought an end in 2009. The Court of Law clearly stated that EU Data Protection laws violate citizens’ privacy, and that’s not acceptable.

The Data Retention laws in Romania were always checked thoroughly by the highest courts in the country. Unfortunately, the creators in Romania were never happy with copyright infringement laws because it is a low-priority in the country. Romania has a strong General Data Protection Regulation, but it can be tampered by the European Union.

VPN Services Registered in Romania: CyberGhost and ibVPN.

5. Malaysia

Malaysia introduced Data Protection laws in 2010, and they started to bring further developments later in the years. Interestingly, Malaysia Data Protection laws work for VPN companies and paying customers because PDPA does not apply to a Malaysian registered company. The Court of Law and government will protect the customers, even if the corporate company has held onto the personal details. Remember, the country’s laws will protect physical server data, even, if belongs to another country’s company.

VPN Services Registered in Malaysia: Hide.Me VPN

Bottom Line

Strong Data Protection laws always matter, when you don’t want the government, corporate, and foreign powers to manipulate personal data. If you are living in an oppressed country and regime keeps an eye on the activity, then Data Protection laws protect the customers. Let us know which VPN services are you using in the comment section below.

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