The Guide on Choosing the Best Water Softener

If you want to buy water softener, the first thing to do is a home survey. However, depending on the location, there are many companies that you can rely on to help you with the survey.

The essential thing is to buy the right water softener. 

Overview of water softener

When you have a water softener, it tackles many problems like eliminating harmful minerals from your water before it reaches the tap.

When installing a water softener, it will be connected with the plumbing system where it closes all the incoming mains. When it does that, it ensures that your home has benefited from softened water.

If you have the ion-exchanged water softener, it will extract magnesium and calcium ions in hard water and leave the harmless ions.

When using water at home, the hard water will be passing through the tank, having resin beads and enhance extraction of magnesium and calcium ions.

If these resin beads become exhausted such that they no longer extract hardness ions, they will be refreshed through a process called regeneration. During the regeneration process, there will be brine solution that will be created and later washed via the beads. It will help to remove limescale deposits and also refreshen your beads such that they can make water more softened.

While the softening process continues, it adds some small amount of sodium to your water supply that will be safe for drinking.

Water softening design

For all water softener, they will use the same principle. However, don’t expect that they are all similar. Due to research and development taking place, there is much improvement in the water softening systems.

Currently, these water softeners have materials that are durable and safe, improved control mechanism, optimum exchange process, and cost-effectiveness.

For modern water softeners, they consist of the brine tank, resin beads, and a controller that help in the operation.

Choosing water softener

While picking the right water softener that fulfills your needs, you can choose between single and twin tank softener. For single tanks, when their softener regenerates, you will find hardware only. However, for twin tank water softener, it has two resin tanks, but one goes offline when regenerating and therefore have 24/7 water supply.

You might not use water 24/7 in your home, but it’s essential to have the reassurance that you can get softened water on demand. So, ensure that the water softener will offer water per your demand.

It, therefore, means that single tank softener will only regenerate as you use water. Besides, due to technology, you can have as much as you need for your needs.

Size of water softener 

When looking for size, don’t look at physical size but focus on the capacity that will suit your home.

If the water softener for your home is small-sized, then it should have high flow so that you can get the amount of water needed on time.

The volume of the soft water will depend on your resin volume inside your softener. However, the hardness of water is another major factor to consider in the area. Depending on the manufacturer of water softener, you can get the volume produced per specific time.

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