Seven Web Design Mistakes Newbies Make All the Time

The first impression on the website is essential since it will enable the visitors to either stay on your website or leave it. The web designers should, therefore, put all their effort to ensure that their website is clear for every visitor. This article will discuss the various web design mistakes newbies make all the time.

Out-dated information

The website requires new information to attract visitors. When the information is outdated, people will be driven away, and they will judge the information that is written on the website. However, for newbies, this is one of the mistakes they make while designing website.

Lack of planning

Newbies normally start making their website without any plan. All that matters to them is putting the necessary information on the website. This makes their final website to look unprofessional and unattractive since the information has not been arranged accordingly.

Failure to establish a Target Audience

G Squared emphasizes on establishing target market first before designing a website. Although the information can be access by everybody, the web designer needs to know who exactly should be the audience to this information. This will enable them to put appropriate information on the website. However, for the newbies, they tend to design the web without focusing on who exactly is their target audience.

Not mobile friendly

A large population of the audience can afford smartphone every day. This means that if the website is compatible with mobile phones, then more audience will be attracted to access it. However, for most new beginners, they normally design the website that can only be accessed through computers.

No Business goals

A web designer should know exactly what they want to do with their website. They should set the goals that the website is designed to achieve. However, for the new beginners, they have a set of many goals that cannot be achieved at once.

Bad Call-to-Action

A web designer should inform the visitors what they are required to do on the web and the goals of the web. There should be information that directs the audience on what they should do on the website. Failure to do that, the visitors on your website will be left stranded, and instead, the goals of the website will not be achieved. However, for most of the newbies, either hide call to action at the too far down to a page or it can be unremarkable to notice by the visitors. Their website will not have any clear objectives on it.

Poor Navigation

Navigation should be made easier on the website to make the audience feel good when they visit the website. If the navigation is poor, most of the visitors will be demoralized, and they may not want to visit such website again.

A web designer should test their website to confirm if the navigation is easier and if not, they should look at a way to improve it so that the visitor can have a better experience when visiting the website. For the newbies, they normally put a cluttered menu which brings poor navigation. Newbies should learn from these seven mistakes and create an attractive website that will enable them to achieve their goals.

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