Simple Way to Make an Application

Have you ever wanted to create an application? Some of us are maybe felt that for creating an application is needed the high technology skill and knowledge and then we felt that it is really hard to do. However, in some ways, this opinion is not fully right. You can also make an application because there will be some simple steps that will be explained on the paragraph below. With this explanation, you can make your own Android application. Below is the list of the website that can be used to make an android application for free or even paid.

MIT App Inventor

How to make an application on Android in MIT App Inventor is perfect for you that is already known about coding but you don’t want to pay any amount of the money. This application has the “Open source” basic that is cultivated by MIT. At the previous, this App inventor is cultivated by Google. According to some reviews, the App Inventor is really suitable to make the games and animations on Android. On this website, the application is made from the “components” and “block” that are combined with the design appearance. The strength of MIT is free, simple, and easy to use and it is perfect for us that only has the little knowledge about Computer.




Buzztouch is a great place to make the android application and Buzztouch is also can be used to make the IOS application. Through the feature that is called plugin, the hard programming language will be so easy for the Buzztouch users. That’s why; we can make any contents as we like and as much as we want. How it is worked is we can make the online layout with the control panel and then we can edit it with our software development. The other advantage that we can get from this Buzztouch is that we can edit the application that is already published. This is becoming a plus value that the other applications are not had.

The other advantage that we can get from the Buzztouch site is that this site is giving the access right and the high flexibility so we can make so many things. However, this advantage is also made Buzztouch as the complicated application maker. Buzztouch is actually made for the commercial users. The price of this application is free for the first three applications and it will be paid after these three applications.

making app with Buzztouch



Netbeans is a website that also uses the coding. So if you wanted to make the android application with this website, you have to learn about this website and the good thing is that this application is free to be used by many people that want to make the Android application.

So, it was the list of the websites that you can use to make an application for Android. You can choose one of those websites as you like and base on your need so you can make the maximum and useful application for all the Android users.

Installing Android SDK on NetBeans

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