Making Collaboration Video? This is New Application, Facebokk Riff

For you who are facebook user, this new application which is launched by facebook will make it more fun. Facebook is a social media which is very popular and has a lot of loyal and daily users. To make the users loyal and give them satisfaction, facebook always develop its usage and application. The latest application which launched by facebook is facebook riff. Before release facebook riff, facebook has already released facebook lite and facebook payment. It is a proof that facebook always make effort to make the facebook users satisfy and produce new innovation.

Facebook riff itself is an application collaboration video service which offers new experience in communicating with friends on facebook. The new experiences of this communication make it funnier.

The differences between facebook riff with snapchat

Facebook always update and develop its feature to produce the newest and good social media for communication. It has been facebook’s concern to make the users happy by developing the content and feature of the facebok. And facebook riff is a proof that facebook is concern with users happiness in using it. This application will be able to make users enjoy sharing video service together.

Generally, facebook riff is almost same as chatting application, snapchat. Some of the users of facebook riff also feels that generally facebook riff is same as snapchat. Even so both are different and you will find the differences if you have already used this facebook riff application.

The differences will be seen as fast as you use this application and the differences between facebook riff with snapchat are the first is that facebook riff application use # to make it even interesting and fascinating whereas snapchat do not. And the other differences between those two are that facebook riff makes the collaboration video together between one users and another whereas snapchat do not do that, the process of video making in snapshot is done personally. So, the concept of making video collaboration from facebook riff application will make the users more creative and share the opinion to combine it become one and make good result from it.

Facebook riff idea

How come facebook makes facebook riff? Where the ideas come from? The manager production of the facebook creative labs says that the idea of facebook riff comes from ice bucket challenge ALS phenomenon which is a video making collaboration which has successes. Comes from that success video collaboration, production team feel amaze of that making video collaboration phenomenon. Well, it is a bit different but the facebook developer develop that application and the idea come from that phenomenon. Even so the over all of this application are a proof of facebook developer creativity.

How to use facebook riff

The most important question to be asked is how to use this facebook riff application? It is simple to run this application so it can be ran by every people. The first you just have to make a video and then put # to the video with theme and topic which is popular in facebook at the time. After that, the video you have made will be seen by your friend and your friend will continue the video and give # with the topic you have chosen before. After that, those two video from you and your friend will be seen by the other and will continue to another. As the video will be seen by a lot o users, the video itself will be more and more because user who see it may add and give # to the video with the topic you have write before.

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