Key Tips on How Co-Working Spaces Can Improve Work Productivity

Our century has seen a lot of changes for the working people. We now see independent contractors left and right, working freely, whenever, and wherever they want. These contractors now spearhead their professional careers in spaces that are considered to be non-traditional. So what do we call these spaces?

Co-working spaces: the new trend in workplaces. It’s an innovation that has become an alternative for traditional office areas. If you’re an owner of a start-up company or a freelancer, then you most probably would benefit from using a co-working space. The concept allows you to share a workspace with other people, rather than stay cramped in a traditional cubicle or setting yourself up in a coffee shop. Co-working is beneficial for people who have tried these spaces.


If you haven’t tried working in a co-working space before, then maybe you should consider it soon. It’s an investment in your career and business.


What Is a Co-working Space?

When you say co-working space, you’re referring to an office space that’s shared. It’s a better and viable alternative for people who are starting up their own businesses or are working independently. If you’re going to work in a co-working space, you’ll most probably be working alongside people who are not working in the same organization as you but share the same values and interests. It offers you an office environment, minus the restrictions, but plus the benefits.


Co-working space usually offer:

  • 24/7 workplace access
  • Shared workspace and desks or tables
  • Reserved or rented conference or boardrooms
  • Facilities that can be shared, such as shared printers, copiers, scanners, or facing machines
  • Equipment used for Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
  • Common areas such as lounges, restrooms, and kitchens


How Can Co-working Spaces Help Improve Work Productivity?

  1. Co-working spaces improve your life and work balance.

If you’re going to work in a co-working space, you’ll be heading to the workspace to get your work done. Unlike working in an office environment where you go to work because you need to, with a co-working space, you don’t have any other motives for you to go. You go there because you’re ready to work, and anything that you should have done outside of your work life is set aside. This means that you put all your energy into finishing your tasks when you’re in your co-working space.


  1. Co-working spaces encourage collaboration and synergy.

One of the downsides of working at home is you’re often isolated from the world. You work all by yourself; thus, you’re working without help or support from others. However, in a co-working space, you’re surrounded by people who can give you advice, suggestions, or ideas when you encounter a roadblock. The people you share space with can give you insights on how things work, and if you get lucky, tips and trade secrets.


  1. Co-working space gives you a networking advantage.

If you’re working at home, you won’t meet people of your industry. However, in a co-working space, you’re in a place full of people who are like- minded. You’ll also be able to interact with people who can give you connections to other people in your industry. In a co-working setting, you’ll be able to have social interactions and the ability to make lasting relationships. Thus, you can quickly improve your work’s quality and maybe propel your professional career through networking at the same time.


  1. Co-working spaces do not come with a commitment.

If you’re working in an office setting, you’re often tied by the contracts you’ve signed, expectations of your boss and employers, and the limitations that they give to you. However, if you’re a freelancer, you have the freedom to do what you want whenever you want. With co-working, you’ll also have the same kind of independence. You won’t be locked into what kind of activities you’ll do while working or how long you take for particular tasks. You’re also not committed to be there every day or at a particular time of the day.


  1. Co-working spaces can energize your productivity.

If you’re working alone at home, you most likely feel lonely sometimes and maybe depressed other times. However, when you’re in a co-working environment, you’ll experience the opposite. You’ll meet other people, people from different industries and people who have different skills from you. You’ll be stimulated, since you’ll see other people at work, and this will inject life into your work, inspiring your creativity. When you’re energized, your productivity will increase.


Insert Life into Your Work Life

Wanting to escape from the rat race of office life can be a very attractive idea, and if you’re going to start working as a freelancer or start your own business, it’s entirely understandable that you want to have the right space for you, a space that inspires you but does not tie you down. Why don’t you check out the nearest co-working space available near you? We here at Arro HQ are more than happy to give you a hand and help you find the best co-working spaces near you.



Lulu Reid is the Community Manager at Arro HQ Business & Innovation Hub. Living in Torquay, Victoria Australia, Lulu lives a healthy and active lifestyle by the beach with her husband and 2 kids. After having a successful career in the architectural industry Lulu and her husband Simon have created Arro HQ, a co-working community in Geelong that encourages collaboration and friendship for business owners in the greater Geelong region.

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