Send Countries with the most expensive and cheap Internet?

Nowadays there is almost no place on the planet where the user could not get online. However, access to the world wide web is not always everywhere equally cheap and accessible. After analyzing the tariffs of leading operators in different countries and the speed of access to the Internet, you can create a table of the highest and lowest cost of access.

Countries with the most expensive Internet.


Ethiopia has the highest cost of Internet access. In this country, you will have to pay almost $ 200 for using the Internet at a speed of 10 Mbps. You can test the speed by performing an internet speed test.


In this country, you can get access to the Internet for $169 for 10 Mbps.


There are not so many internet providers in Angola so the cost to use the internet is high. You can get limited data for $166 per month.


In this Asian country, you need to pay $150 per month to use the internet.


Uzbekistan internet users are paying $144 for a speed of 10 Mbps. They can use unlimited data every month.


In Tanzania, the cost of 10 Mbps internet speed is $134.

The Republic of Congo.

In this country, you are required to pay $133 per month if you want to use internet service.

Countries with cheap internet.


The cheapest package price of Internet usage in Ukraine is $3.44 per month with a speed up to 100 Mbps and unlimited data.


People in Russia are paying $4.5 to use the super-fast internet for the whole month.


Du and Etisalat are the two best internet providing companies in the UAE. They are providing fast speed internet connection to the people of UAE at affordable prices. They have different packages for a suitable economy. The speed of Etisalat broadband internet is up to 500 Mbps. If you move to UAE and want to choose a network, so you should perform an Etisalat speed test and a Du internet speed test to select the better network.

Companies in Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia are also providing cheap internet services. In these countries, the cost of the Internet does not exceed $ 15 per month.

Factors effecting the cost on Internet.

The cost of using the Internet is influenced by the level of income of users, as well as the number of computers owned. The higher the country’s GDP, the more expensive it is to access the Internet. America, Qatar, Australia, Switzerland, and New Zealand are a prime example. In these countries, users could pay an impressive amount. In Angola, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Myanmar, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, computers are rare in people’s homes, they do not have the financial capacity and the urgent need to use the Internet, therefore it is unprofitable for providers to lower the cost of services.

Among other things, competition affects cost. The more service providers on the market, there is no lower cost of their services. It also improves the quality.

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