Tips and Tricks on Dealing with the Privacy of your Google+ Posts

Using social media as like Google+ nowadays can be so helpful. Of course, that is especially if we really want to get a lot of benefits on using it. Social media nowadays will help you to find people who might know or even new people who you might not know before. A lot of choices of social media make everything really simple. That is including for your business so that you can reach the better chance for improving it. As we have mentioned before, there are so many choices of social media which we can join in.

Various Features

No matter what kind of purposes which we have on using the social media, we need to be smart on using and utilizing every single Google+ feature there. Of course, each social media has its own features and also facilities. The features which are in Facebook might be different from Twitter. That is because each social media has its own style and concept. That is the reason why we need to be really smart, for example by learning first about particular social media before and while using it. That is including if you are going to use Google+, you need to know a lot of features there so that we can utilize them properly and in maximum way. Whether you are newbie or already use Google+ in a long time, some Google+ tips and tricks below might still be something new for you. Here they are some tips and tricks on dealing with the privacy of the posts which you made in Google+ or the Google+ post privacy.

Setting the People Who Can See the Posts You Have Made in Google+

It is actually not a new or even and advanced thing but there are still many users of Google+ who still do not even know about it. Sure, in brief let’s say that the Google+ users can simply set a private conversation to anyone. You also can share it to particular groups there or make it public. If you still have no idea about that, just go on to the next info regarding to the use of every feature regarding to the privacy of your post which you make. Here is some info which you might need for dealing with that. First, if you want to make a post and want to share it only with your Google+ circle, just enter the name or public. Second, when you want to make the post to be private, just remove anything in the area of ‘To’. Third, you are also able to mention someone there in your own post. You only need to write the name with @. Those are the simple ideas which can be used.

Some Tips Regarding to your Google+ Posts

There are also some helpful tips on dealing with your Google+ posts. You can simply disable your post by clicking right dropdown box which is located at top of the post. It means that the post is already sent. Then, you can choose the option of ‘disable re-share’. That will be helpful for you to disable others to share or re-share your post. It means you have limited the people who can see the post. Sometimes people who can see your post often share it and makes others can see the posts which we have made even though we aim it to be private.

Then, we also can simply make your own circle with only one other person who you often communicate with. That will be completely that helpful to make you getting the comfort in sharing anything with her or him without getting worried on disturbing others. That will be completely that helpful for getting the better privacy on dealing with the proper private post without any other person who will see it and who will get disturbed of our post which is not related to others.

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