2017 Chrysler Pacifica Review

It is true that people will choose the personal transportation support according to their personal taste as well as current need. If people have a family, they surely will consider about the vehicle which can be family transportation support. Minivan can be the answer for this need and 2017 Chrysler Pacifica can be considered as one of the best family minivan which people can choose because it comes with various great things. The great things include the flexible configurations which can be done to the seating as well as cargo. It also comes with the sliding doors as well as lift gate which are innovative because it has hands free specification. The interesting thing is that this vehicle is offered in plug-in hybrid model which can be great choice for them with environmental awareness. Unfortunately, people can still find the Stow ‘n Go seats from the past which is still remaining especially in order to get the long haul comfort. The specification of 2017 Chrysler Pacifica can be learned further to make right decision about this all new model by Chrysler.



2017 Chrysler Pacifica comes with the all new chassis which has different specification from the Town & Country which is the current wagon like model by Chrysler. Pacifica comes with the lighter, lower, and wider chassis compared the previous model. People can still find the look which comes from the minivan in this vehicle but the lines are more sophisticated and sleeker. With the new chassis design, there are more openings for interior space. This can be the reason why this minivan is able to carry 7-8 passengers. As for the hybrid model limited, it is only able to carry seven passengers. There is no doubt that people will also have big curiosity about the power which can be found under the hood. 2017 Chrysler Pacifica is powered with V6 engine which has 3.6 liters fuel capacity so it can produce 287 horsepower combines with 262 pound feet of torque. This engine is paired with the automatic transmission with nine speeds and front wheel drive system. V6 engine with 3.6 liters fuel capacity will also be found in the hybrid model of this vehicle. However, it is able to produce 248 horsepower. It will be supported by two electric motors with lithium ion battery as its power. On electric power alone, the hybrid model of this vehicle can travel about 30 miles. Plug in port can also be found for battery recharging purpose. For recharging the battery on 220volts charger, it will take two hours only. However, recharging should be done for less than 14 hours on the typical outlet in the household.

People should not forget about the great features which can be found from 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. It is great that this vehicle comes with entertainment support which is very important feature for the family road traveler. Audio control can be found in front passengers with 8.4 inches touch screen. People are also able to find the function control for navigation as well as smart phone app. Uconnect Theater System can be found in the rear seats. It comes with dual HD touch screens which have 10 inches size. Passengers are able to watch movie, stream content by connecting personal devices, and also play the games which are built in. Audio system with six speakers comes as standard support but people can find premium option for better audio system. Seating system from Stow ‘n Go that is revised can be found in this vehicle. The access to the third row is improved with the seats in second row which can be tilted. This vehicle has wide enough cargo for carrying 4 x 8 plywood sheets.

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