10 Easy Ways To Get FREE Instagram Followers

With the ever-growing social and economic influence of Instagram, there is no denying that Instagram followers are an invaluable asset to any individual or company seeking to take on today’s world. People from across the globe are doing everything in their power to win a sizeable chunk of this asset to themselves. If you have been trying to create a solid Instagram followership with little or no success, you will agree with me in saying that the competition out there is too intense for anyone to win without a proper game plan.

All isn’t lost for you, though, particularly because you have come to the right place where you will get all the necessary tools to build your Instagram empire. I will share with you the ten most effective tips to getting free Instagram followers quick and free. Be my guest.

1. Optimize Your Instagram Profile.

Just how attractive is your profile? You need a profile/bio that easily convinces Instagram users to trust your brand. To achieve this, update your profile image to something more appealing, fresh, and relatable to your target audience. Ensure that your potential followers learn everything they need to know about your brand from your profile image.

By tradition, new followers tend to feel entitled to most of your attention so you must give them lots of it. Activate Instagram notifications in order to start getting real-time updates on who likes or comments on your photos, then try as much as possible to respond in good time.

Bottom line: Make your profile attractive to new followers.

2. Invest In Quality Content.

Research has shown that the color, light balance, and scenery of a photo are the top determiners of how well it’s received online. For that reason, always ensure that the photos you post are professionally taken and because the red, blue, and white colors are more popular than the rest on Instagram, have as much of them as possible. You should also edit and filter your photos using a quality editing tool or combine multiple photos into a collage to improve their quality. If you still have some old, low-quality, and irrelevant photos in your Instagram account, you need to get rid of them ASAP.

An even better approach to this is to show the human side of your brand by empathizing with your potential followers. You can, for example, post motivational stories, share your joy, share your thoughts on relevant and trending topics, and be transparent on your “behind the scenes”. You will be amazed to see many Instagram users identifying with those small things in your private life and following you as a result.

Bottom line: The quality of your content determines whether or not you will retain your existing followers and the number of new followers you will get.

3. Using Instagram Follower Tools

With a reputable Instagram follower tool such as ProjectInsta, mobilizing a substantial following has never been easier. Such a tool will get you free followers on Instagram in a safe & free process at the drop at a hat. They use encrypted algorithms to link you with your potential followers, tell you when & what to post, and to professionally edit images and video.

Bottom line: You don’t have to wait for days, weeks, or months to gain quality Instagram followers. Try using ProjectInsta among other Instagram follower tools.

4. Make the Right Tags

All social media platforms thrive on the premise of social networking and Instagram isn’t an exception. You should leverage the influence of other Instagram users by tagging them in your photos. By tagging five users, for example, your photo appears on five more user feeds and is five times more likely to be shared. In the same breath, tagging other people is tantamount to inviting them to tag you in their posts. It’s a vicious circle of nothing but good things for you.

Geotagging your photos is another powerful way of catching the attention of your target followers. Your geotagged photos will always show up on the “Locations” page of any user within your target region.

Bottom line: The better percentage of those you tag will follow you together with their followers.

5. Brainstorm For New and Leverage the Popular Hashtags

Hashtags cultivate a unique sense of belonging amongst Instagram users, categorizes them into many relevant groups, and consequently increase their probability of following each other. Popular hashtags such as #TGIF, #TBT, and #tagforlikes among others put your photos out there for any exploring user to see and follow you.

Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags to a single post. You should, therefore, add as many relevant ones as possible. Another sure way of leveraging popular hashtags is following influential people and commenting on their posts, particularly those with hashtags relevant to your brand.

If you opt to brainstorm for your own unique hashtags, choose a few short and clear words that summarize your intended topic as the main keyword. That done, cleverly include humor in your hashtag so that you can grab the attention of your already-existing users. To get it trending, mobilize as many of your friends as possible to use it in their posts.

Bottom line: The higher your hashtag ranks, the more the new followers you will get.

6. Brainstorm For the Best Photo Captions

Don’t be in too much hurry to post your photo that you end up forgetting the perfect quote or joke to go with it, only to remember it when the damage is already done. Take your time to draft a caption that will grab the attention of your Instagram followers and prompt them to like, comment, and share.

Instagram allows you up to 2200 characters for a caption so you should not shy away from writing your mind out. You can use the caption to encourage your followers to like, tag their followers, share, comment, or even add a contest. You can even engage with your followers by asking a question in the caption and then trying to hype it in the comments section.

Bottom line: Create a fan base by creating cultivating captions, then encourage the fans to bring more people on board.

7. Post At the Right Time

Do you remember the photo that you posted sometimes back and got endless positive reactions? At what time had you posted it? Can you remember which day of the week it was? If yes, then that’s the perfect time and day to be posting your photos so as to maximize on your chances of gaining new followers.

A random fact:

Research shows that photos posted at around 2 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Sundays and Thursdays get the most reactions. You can go by that or better still, discover which your lucky days and hours are.

Bottom line: Posting at the right time increases your content’s visibility to potential followers.

8. Market Your Instagram Account On Other Platforms

Do you know of any friends or relatives who haven’t joined Instagram yet? You can convince them to join and follow you. If you are on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform, promote your account by first linking it to all those accounts and then by encouraging your friends therein to follow you on Instagram. Include your Instagram info in your email newsletters, business cards, or even stickers.

Bottom line: It’s totally fine to beg people to follow you on Instagram.

9. Follow To Get Followed.

Extending a hand of friendship is the surest way of making new friends. When you follow people on Instagram, therefore, they will most likely follow you back. Instagram gives you the option of reaching out to your Facebook and phonebook friends and following those among them who have existing Instagram accounts.

Instagram uses your account activity to suggest potential followers to you. If you haven’t been following those suggested followers, it’s time to start doing so.

Bottom line: Follow people indiscriminately. After all, it won’t cost you a dime.

10. Be Consistent

First, ensure that you give your audience something fresh at regular intervals. Secondly, be consistent in the tone, message, and language that all your posts portray. This builds your Instagram reputation and increases the chances of your existing followers promoting your account.

My Final Thought:

If you follow the ten tips to the letter, you will, without a doubt, successfully compete for Instagram followers. Always remember that having a huge following is invaluable. Engage your followers constructively in order to turn them into an income-generating venture.

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