How to Remove Virus from Android Phone or Tablets

Virus and malware are the most common problems faced by android users in all over the world. The daily internet access and application installation are the main reasons of why the gadgets are easily to be infected by virus and malware. However, you don’t have to worry about it because the problems can be removed easily from your phone or tablets.

Tips to Remove Gunpoder Virus and Malware

Viruses in android devices are commonly transferred through application installations. So you should avoid installing applications from any sources outside Google Play. A certain virus called Gunpoder, for instance, is commonly transferred through Nintendo game emulators that are installed outside the official apps on Google Play. The virus could be delivered into your gadgets even you are asked to pay the privilege by the cheek.
It is also important to prevent your phone from installing any apps outside Google Play. Setting your phone by opening the Settings and then click the Security and disable any apps installations from unknown sources. If you really need to install an application from outside official app store, you must check the permissions to make sure that the video player need to know your contacts or not, find that the app gets positive reviews, and whether the website provides other things to offer. You should be cautious to prevent Gunpoder virus delivered into your gadgets through the application of Nintendo game emulator.

Furthermore, installing antivirus app is also important to prevent any virus delivered into your gadget. Some antiviruses could detect and then eliminate malicious applications, such as Avast, 360 Mobile Security, and Lookout. The antivirus apps could also scan your gadget and report malwares in your applications when you thought that it is fine app before. The virus like Gunpoder can hide by using the airpush adware library and then bring malware after weeks of the app using. Resetting your gadget could be effective way to remove all viruses and malware but you should lose everything you have in your gadget. Alternatively, try some tips to eliminate the virus from your android gadgets.

Tips to Remove Virus from Android Gadgets

1. Set the gadget to Safe Mode. It will prevent the running of malware or other third-party apps. Some device allow this setting from the power off options; press and hold the button and then choose the option of Safe Mode restarting. If your gadget don’t have the feature, you can search the Google to find the way to Safe Mode with your gadget type.

2. In the Setting menu, check every application exists. If you find something dodgy or you never install it before, just remove it by clicking Uninstall option.

3. If the malicious app grey the Uninstall button, it means that it has had the Device administrator status. Then exit from the application menu. Tap Settings, and then Security and Device Administrators. The apps with administrator status will appear and then tap Deactivate in the following screen. Next, return to the application menu and eliminate the malicious app.

4. After you have removed all of the virus and malwares, you should then restart your gadget to get out from the Safe Mode. It is important to make backup for any of your important data and install antivirus Android app to protect your gadget from any other malicious apps next time.

Therefore, don’t be too fast to reset your phone or other android gadget when it gets some annoying virus or malware. Just follow the steps above to remove the malicious apps. It is easy way to make your Android clean again like when it is new.

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