Smart Gadget Tells You the Nutritional Content of Everything You Eat

Your health is determined by everything that enters your body. Knowing the nutritional value of foods and drinks that you eat is essential if you want to maintain your well-being. If you can figure out the amount of carb, calories, protein, fat, vitamin, and mineral that the food that you eat contains, you can evaluate how beneficial or harmful that food can be for your health. If you are avoiding bad cholesterol, you want to make sure that the food that you eat contains zero LDL. If you are practicing low-carb diet or if you are diabetic, you certainly want to avoid sugar. If only there is a handy gadget that you can use to assess the nutritional value of everything that you eat, your life will be much easier and healthier, right?

DietSensor SCiO Food Scanner is the prized gadget you should look into if you are looking for a great tool to evaluate the nutritional value of everything that sits on your plate. This small gadget is easy to use and when you point it to your food or drink, it can tell you about its chemical content. By using this gadget, you can easily determine foods that are safe for you to eat and foods that you should avoid.

What Is DietSensor SCiO Food Scanner?

DietSensor’s SCiO is a small molecular scanner that basically scans the chemical makeup of anything that sits in front of it. More specifically, it is a versatile gadget that you can use to scan foods and drinks that you want to consume and then to provide you with their nutritional data. This device uses non-intrusive scanning mechanism, meaning that it doesn’t need to be in physical contact with the food that it scans in order to acquire the food’s nutritional data. Just put it a couple of inches in front of the food, press the button, and the data will be retrieved.

How Does the Scanning Work?

By pointing this device to the food you want to scan, it will emit infrared beam and direct it to the surface of the scanned food (or drink). Like a bat, the device will capture the reflected wavelengths of the beam that comes from the food. Because different nutrients reflect the light in different ways, the data gathered from the captured wavelengths can be interpreted in order to figure out the nutritional content of the food. The result of this interpretation will then be displayed on the screen in the form of nutritional facts that you are familiar with. Simple, isn’t it?

Additional Feature

This gadget not only provides you with the nutritional data of the food and drink that you consume, but also offers you tips concerning the amount of calories and nutrients that you should eat every day. Therefore, even if you are not knowledgeable enough about proper diet, you already have a smart adviser in your hand. The gadget will warn you if you have taken too much calories in a day.

What Is Lacking?

The way this gadget operates seems too good to be true, right? Well, there is indeed a weakness that this gadget is still unable to solve. Currently, this gadget can only scan homogeneous food. If you eat steak without condiments, fried chicken, cheese, or anything that consists only of one main ingredient, this gadget can provide you with accurate data about the food’s nutritional value. If you try to use it to scan a mixture of multiple ingredients, you will not get the data that you need. Despite this weakness, the way this gadget assists you is considered revolutionary and innovative. Besides, there is still room for improvement and in the future, you can expect this gadget to serve you better.

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