Top 15 Tips For Perfect Photo Composition For Beginners

What is the composition of photography? Before starting with ‘top 15 tips for perfect photo composition for beginners‘, we need to know the answer to that. The composition is arranging the elements in the photograph for a better outcome.  The precondition of capturing a good photograph is undoubtedly the composition.

15 tips for beginners

Here are all the amazing tips for you:

1# Focus

The first and foremost thing one needs to learn as a beginner is focusing. Lack of focus in any pictures creates confusion.  A confusing and unfocused picture is a discomfort for viewers, which kills the purpose of the picture. Focusing is the concentration on the main object you want to portray in your photograph. Meaning, the main object must have sharp edges. Nowadays, with all the high-end cameras, it is easier for a photographer to focus on an object.

But how does a camera focus? The light from the object passes through the lens to the image sensor inside the camera. The size of the hole in the lens and the sensor inside determines how clear the picture will be. You will get a better picture if the hole is smaller. 

2# Framing 

Framing a picture is the second most important thing in photography. These frames can be natural or human-made, depending on the main subject. Imagine looking at a picture of the Taj Mahal. If you concentrate on the picture, you will see the main part of the mahal is in the middle, and there are 4 towers besides the main building. The front two towers actually work as a frame to every Taj Mahal picture.

Coincidently the Taj Mahal is already framed, what about other monuments that do not have towers beside them? Well, for those cases, you have to select a frame by yourself. You can choose anything near the monument.

If it is an indoor shoot, you can always select straight objects to use as frames. The movie ‘in the mood for love’ is a classic for many things. But when you watch the movie, you will realize how brilliantly the cinematographer used the door frame as a frame for the scene itself. It was simple and unique. A ‘not so straight’ tree can also work as a frame. All you need is to use it correctly in your photograph.

3# Background

The background plays an important role in a picture. A good picture definitely has to have a strong background without overpowering the main object. A good background is simple and not too cluttered. The background does not always have to be well focused like the main object. It can be blurry or even very dark too.

4# Lining 

For an eye-catching picture, the line is a must. Among the ‘top 15 tips for perfect photo composition for beginners’ lining is one of the main things. It is basically setting or forming lines towards the main object. These lines can be horizontal or vertical, but it is best to create a diagonal line towards the main focus. It helps to make the picture more balanced.  

5# The ‘Rule of Thirds’

The rule of thirds is a major element of lining. To understand the rule, we need to divide a picture frame into 9 equal rectangles. Placing different objects into these 9 rectangles successfully helps to form a better photograph. For example, in the bottom 3 rectangles, a photographer can place the horizon. In the middle 3, the main object and parts of background and the top 3 sections, the photographer can place the rest. A perfect picture depends on how well the photographer used this rule.

6# Utilize Cropping

 Utilizing the gift of cropping is essential in photography. A picture needs to get rid of unnecessary objects from it. Also, to have all the attention to the main object, cropping is a great trick. 

7# Cutting of the Limbs

Just like the previous tip, it is also crucial not to cut out important parts from a picture. Imagine you are clicking a picture of a person, and you missed a body part like the hand or a leg or even a part of that person’s head. It will obviously be a bad picture of that person. That is why cropping off one’s limbs is a no.

8# Contrast Setting

To portray a beautiful picture, the color and contrast of the objects need to be perfect. Balancing these two objects makes a picture more presentable and eye-catching. A photographer needs to be very careful while boosting or reducing the contrast.

9# Fore Ground

Fore grounding is placing an object carefully into the picture. Most of the time, the fore grounded object acts as a base for the picture.

#10 Balance

Having a balance is important. By balance, it means, while showing two objects, the ‘fitting’ of the objects must be right. Sometimes the main object can be in the background and the foregrounding object in the front. The lining and focus ratio between these two objects should be right.

#11 Change the Perspective

Try to change the perspective of your picture. Always taking a picture from one’s eye level can be monotonous. That is why a picture taken from the top of a building can be very beautiful.

#12 Patterns

Using different patterns in a picture can be very aesthetically pleasing. Anything in the background with patterns can play a great role. It can be a patterned mosaic floor or  

#13 Spacing

Spacing between the objects in a photograph is really necessary. A photo might lose its value if the spacing is not right. 

#14 Simplicity

Simplicity is vital in a picture. Viewers always prefer comfort. ‘Less is more’ is always a good trick to remember while capturing a subject. 

#15 Using a Free Space

Free space in a picture is called a white pace. Leaving some background unused in the photo helps to create focus on the main object.

Final Thought 

These are the Top 15 tips for perfect photo composition for beginners. Hopefully, this will help amateur photographers to attain composition in their photos. You will get only a few companies like that continue to do good work and provide special tips for beginners. Creativity always plays a role in photography. So try to be as creative as possible.

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