How to create your own channel in IGTV?

Anyone who already has a profile on Instagram can create his own channel on IGTV. A new channel can be created through the IGTV tab in the Instagram application, through a separate IGTV application or through the browser version of

How to use IGTV?

The developers are promoting the idea of channels, programs and TV shows there. As on traditional television, Instagram wants to have regular releases of programs on its new TV, so that users expect them at a certain time and return to using the application.

A few tips on how to increase your audience on Instagram.

Buy relevant comments on Instagram! They are the purest form of engagement on Instagram and the algorithm that rates the popularity of your post counts every comment you receive and how it relates to your post. If the comment is relevant, your post will be popular.

Be consistent and develop a publication schedule. Think over the plan of the video in advance and publish it on a regular basis so that your audience will get used to it and come back to you again and again.

Publish on TV the original content, which you share only here and nowhere else. In this case, your fans will be simply obligated to follow your channel if they do not want to miss interesting news. I think that Instagram made such a bold step towards a vertical video for a good reason! After all, it is quite difficult to adjust the horizontal video to the vertical format. Technically, of course, this can be done, but it will already be a compromise that does not improve the impression of the video, and even, most likely, will lead to lower and short-term views. So Instagram is trying to get content creators to shoot original videos just for Instagram.

Add links to the description of the video. Oh yes, friends! You can add clickable links to the video on IGTV, so use this cool feature. It is worth it to create your own channel and lead the audience to your site or wherever you need.

Be true, that is, there is no need to create super-duper quality videos for IGTV. The most important thing is to create interesting content and be yourself, and the audience will definitely catch up with such a channel. On Instagram, the main thing is not so much the technical quality of the video as the regularity and interestingness of the releases.

Maintain a dialogue with the audience. Users have the opportunity to like and comment on your videos. Talk to fans, respond to their comments. I think that they will appreciate that you pay attention to them.

Remind fans of your channel. While IGTV is new, Instagram will actively push information about new videos to your fans. Nevertheless, it will not be out of place to periodically invite the audience to your channel in order to teach them to visit your profile to watch your videos.

Analytics in IGTV

Like Instagram Stories, videos in IGTV will have some statistics that will help you create more interesting videos and keep your audience in front of the screen for as long as possible.

Each video will have the following statistics:

  • Involvement: views, likes, and comments. Likes and comments are also visible on the video itself, but only you can see the number of views.
  • Audience retention: the percentage of subscribers who saw your video, as well as the audience retention schedule for the duration of the video, that is, at what segment of the video you start to lose the audience.

What does watching videos on IGTV mean?

In IGTV analytics, video viewing is the number of times a user watched a video for 3 seconds or more. Thus, views less than 3 seconds in the statistics are not counted.

Frequently asked questions about Instagram

Format and video length for IGTV

Video length: Instagram supports vertical 4k videos from 15 seconds (minimum) to 10 minutes for all users. Accounts with a large number of followers and confirmed profiles can upload videos up to 60 minutes long, but this can only be done from a computer. In the future, according to Instagram, it will be possible to publish videos of any length.

Format and size: MP4 only. The maximum size for 10-minute videos is 650 MB.

The proportions for the video are the same as for the stories – from 4:5 to 9:16.

Can I have more than one channel on IGTV?

Unfortunately, not. You can create only one channel for one Instagram profile, as the channel and the profile are, one can say, the same thing.

If you want to create another channel, then create an additional profile on Instagram and then open an additional IGTV channel.

Will there be advertising in IGTV and is it possible for bloggers / YouTubers to make money there?

For a while, the creators of IGTV will concentrate on promoting a new format in order to attract as many users as possible. In the future, in IGTV, of course, advertising will appear, and video creators will be able to monetize their creations. After all, Instagram is seriously going to compete with YouTube, and without introducing monetization for video, it is unlikely that they will be able to drag YouTube onto their platform.

How to edit the title or video description for IGTV?

Please note, for now, you can edit the title and description of the video only on your computer.

To do this, go to your profile on the website Open the IGTV tab and select the video you want to edit. In the upper right corner, select the “Edit” option. When you make all the necessary corrections, click on “Done”.

Who sees my IGTV channel and video?

It all depends on the privacy settings of your account on Instagram:

if you have a private profile, then only followers can see your channel and video.

if you have an open profile, then your Instagram channel and video can be seen by all Instagram users, including non-registered visitors on Instagram, who opened your video in the browser via the link.

If you do not want a certain person to see your videos on Instagram, then just block him or her.


I wish you success on Instagram!

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