Smartphones at Dinner Tables – Screen Time Parental Controls

Smartphones and tablets have a complimentary presence at dinner tables these days. It is often seen that kids and even parents are engrossed in their devices while eating dinner. Everyone sits on the table but no one really talks to each other. Even if kids don’t use the devices, they disturb the conversations and often are a reason for arguments.

Common Sense Media did a survey in which they observed the family behaviors and what parents think about having a phone during dinner. It shows that:
• 93% parents think that having a conversation at dinner is important for the well-being of the family.
• 51% parents feel disconnected to their children due to the devices.
• 58% families think that smartphones hinder their conversations and initiate fights.

Where smartphones are a way to stay connected with families, they also come in the way of quality family time. Having a chat at dinners allows parents to stay involved in their kids’ lives. This constitutes to less behavioral and sharing problems and it definitely ensures healthier eating habits. But smartphones are slowly taking this away from families. All of this calls for parents to limit the device use, especially during meals. Not using the device for 30 minutes can help the whole family in a great way, a limit screen time app can do that for you.

How does it help?

Despite making rules, one beep is enough to distract kids in a discussion. The constant need to check social media doesn’t let them follow the screen time rules and they end up breaking them. However, if the phone is locked away, the distractions will stay away as well. That is what a limit screen time app like FamilyTime app does for you. You can lock your kids’ phones during dinner and they won’t be interrupted. The phones will automatically close and open as indicated by the parents.


If you feel your family dinners are constantly disturbed by phones and you want to put an end to it, download FamilyTime and do it right away. Get it from iTunes or Google Play store.

Technology should be used for the facilities it provides but when it comes to family health, it is better to cut back those screen hours. The best way to do it is by locking the devices altogether and a limit screen time app is a great tool for that.

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