These Sunglasses Can Record Videos and Post Them Straight to Social Media

If you are a vlogger who loves to share bits of your life in social media, ACE Eyewear can be your new best friend. Now let’s see how these smart glasses work and find out whether or not you will find it interesting.

Just Like Spectacles, but Even Better

ACE Eyewear is a smart glasses that can record videos and send them straight to social media. It is produced by Acton, a company that is popular as electric skateboards maker. Actually, this is not the first smart glasses with recording and sharing capabilities. Snapchat produced sunglasses with similar features back in 2016.

Snapchat is a popular social media and Spectacles received so much hype prior to its launches. However, once the smart sunglasses arrived at the market, only 0.08% of Snapchat users purchased them and thousands of stocks are left unsold in the company’s warehouse, leaving the company with a huge loss of $40 million.

Even though ACE Eyewear is not the pioneer of the industry, Acton claims that it smart sunglasses is much better than Spectacles, and most importantly it also will record a better sales performance. One of Acton’s smart sunglasses best features is definitely its capability to post videos to various social medias, from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, you name it. It is a much better feature compared to Spectacles that can only post to Snapchat.

Other interesting features the users can enjoy include a wide view camera with 120 degrees, 8 Megapixel photos and also HD video capture. 8 Megapixel and HD Video quality are certainly not the best in this era considering other devices can perform a lot better. However, it is definitely not disappointing for simple sunglasses.

Other Things That Set ACE Eyewear Apart with Spectacles

History has shown that smart glasses is not exactly a profitable market. Google once produced it but it didn’t deliver good results. Snapchat, an extremely popular social media, also has tried it but its product flopped really hard. So, what makes Acton so confident to venture into this market, especially considering that Acton is known for its electric skateboard, which has nothing to do with neither videos nor social media.

Besides its capability to post videos into various social media, ACE Eyewear also has some other features that make it more superior compared to Spectacles. Firstly, it records in standard rectangular format, different with Spectacles that record round videos. Even though round videos look edgy, trendy and all, most people prefer to watch videos in standard format. Since the format is comfortable to watch, many vloggers definitely will not hesitate to use it.

Furthermore, Acton’s smart sunglasses are equipped with a Dual Core MIPS 1.2 GHz processor which allows the glasses to record videos with low power. As a result, the sunglasses are capable to record up to 90 minutes of HD video. If it is used to record live stream, then the power is enough for a good 40 minutes. It is definitely more attractive compared to Spectacles that can only record 30 seconds videos.

So are you interested? If you want to purchase ACE Eyewear, it will be available in summer this year with a $199 price tag.

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