7 of the Most Popular Types of Trailers for Sale in Melbourne

trailers for sale Melbourne

With a wide variety of trailers for sale Melbourne-wide, there’s almost a trailer for everything that could possibly need to be transported. Many different trailer providers have high-quality trailers for sale in Melbourne that are suitable for a wide range of industries and applications. If you’re currently on the lookout for a new trailer, here are some of the most popular trailer types available.

Tradesmen Trailers

Tradesmen trailers are a convenient choice for tradies who need to travel a lot for their work. Whether you’re a carpenter, laborer, electrician or any other type of tradesman, tradesmen trailers can assist you with your everyday tasks and operations while keeping all of your equipment safe and secure when traveling from job to job.

Furniture Trailers

Furniture trailers for sale in Melbourne can benefit a range of clients, from furniture stores through to professional removalist companies. These trailers allow for easy transportation of large furniture and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can be sure you’ll be left with a high-quality, practical trailer. The best thing about furniture trailers is they can also be easily used for other heavy loads.

Galvanised Trailers

Galvanised trailers are one of the most popular types of trailer available. The galvanized metal makes for a durable and high-quality trailer that’s resistant to rust and damage. This is a practical choice and a good investment for anyone who plans to frequently use their trailer. The variety of options available means you’re sure to find one that’s capable of safely holding and transporting your goods.

Cattle Trailers

Another frequently purchased trailer in Melbourne is the trusty cattle trailer. Designed with sliding doors, ramps, rails, LED lights, heavy duty plate flooring and the ability to hold up to 2000 kilograms, cattle trailers are a versatile and safe choice for farmers across Australia.

Enclosed Trailers

Enclosed trailers for sale in Melbourne come in a variety of sizes and weight capabilities, meaning you have the opportunity to find the perfect trailer to safely, securely and effectively transport your loads. Many enclosed trailers feature ramps, shelves and tandem features for easy and safe operation.

Tandem Trailers

Considered to be one of the safest trailer types, tandem trailers are particularly helpful. Due to their second axle, they’re stable for highway speeds and are less prone to swaying or moving around. They also provide a larger storage area and have considerably high weight capabilities. When shopping for tandem trailers, keep in mind that many providers will refer to them as “tandem axle” or “double axle” trailers.

Custom Made Trailers

Many reputable and established providers of trailers for sale in Melbourne will offer their clients the opportunity to have their trailer custom designed and manufactured. This means you have the ability to decide how your trailer works and what additional features it should possess. It’s particularly useful to develop a close working relationship with a custom trailer provider if you own or operate an industrial business.

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