What Is The “Laptop Lifestyle”?

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Heard of the “laptop lifestyle”? Not quite sure what it encompasses exactly?

Here is a short introduction to this modern way of living which so many people are embracing for one reason or another these days.


Definition of the “Laptop Lifestyle”

Although there is no exact dictionary or encyclopedic definition of a “laptop lifestyle”, the term can basically be described as leading a life where you are not necessarily stuck on a desk or in one place in order to make a living. Yes, to some traditionalists this may sound irresponsible and quite unstable, but for the people joining the growing group of people living this type of lifestyle, this means finding a new lifestyle freedom for themselves!

People leading a laptop lifestyle do not need an office, a desk or a permanent business address to earn their income. They either work remotely for somebody else, or they run their own online business or are freelancers – which literally means that they can do their job from just about anywhere.


The Benefits of a Laptop Lifestyle

The laptop lifestyle may seem risky for some, but for the supporters of this type of life, it means having much more freedom when it comes to time and location. Yes, it does take time to do your job no matter where you are, but when you are working remotely or for yourself, you usually do not have set 9-to-5 working hours. Also, you do not need to commute to your office and spend all day at the desk there.

In general, the laptop lifestyle allows for much more flexible work hours, so people who choose to work like this can actually structure their work hours around other errands, hobbies and things they have to or want to do in the meantime.

This is especially true if you run your own online business and have no boss to answer to. Then you get the freedom of making all decisions about your work hours and workload by yourself.

Another benefit which is why so many people are choosing to switch to a laptop lifestyle is that you can work from wherever you want to. This means that you can be spending your time on the beach, in the park or at an exotic destination and still earn income.

More people choose the option of leaving their traditional workplace and go traveling instead. By earning money online, you can provide for yourself and for your travels and at the same time enjoy the adventure you have always dreamt of but never had the courage to undertake.

One huge benefit of leading this type of “digital nomadic” lifestyle is that you will be free of all the stress associated with commuting to and from work in heavy traffic and from all the stress and the pressure in the office which many of us experience on a daily basis. Plus, imagine how much time and money you will save from not having to commute to and from work every day!


What you can do exactly?

If you are doubting that you have the skills or knowledge to enter the world of the laptop lifestyle, then think again! You don’t need to be a tech genius in order to be able to make a living without having to work in an office from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday.

Actually, you just need to have the courage to take the step forward and after that, all you actually need is a laptop and an internet connection!

There are so many ways which will allow you to make a living and even get rich by leading a laptop lifestyle.

You can launch a blog. A well developed and maintained blog with a large audience can actually help make you rich.

You can earn money from the different forms of advertising on your blog, from monthly subscription fees from your loyal readers, from selling advertising space, product and service reviews and so many more options.

If you are not ready to write and post blog posts regularly, you can opt for working as a freelancer. Create a portfolio and CV with all work you have done, the projects you have worked on, the skills you have and you can find customers who will be willing to pay for your online freelance services on one of the many freelance websites.

The good news is that you can sell just about any product or service only with the help of your laptop and an internet connection, so go ahead and start working as a freelance copywriter, translator, web designer, content writer, SEO manager, social media support, editor, consultant, administrator, virtual assistant, software developer, tester and so on and so on.


If this sounds too complicated for you, you can always make some extra cash by participating in online paid surveys. Yep, there are many organizations which will actually pay you for your thoughts and honest opinions.

All you need to do is spend a few minutes filling out the required data and answering the questions and you are done! The sums which the different companies pay for your feedback differ, but if you do it on a regular basis you can most certainly earn some additional cash.

Of course, there are thousands of other ways to be able to work remotely, such as writing eBooks, running your own online business, affiliate marketing, selling used or unnecessary stuff, etc.



As you can see, it is neither so difficult, neither does it sound too scary to make this next step in your life and start working remotely, and possibly for yourself by embracing the “laptop lifestyle”!

You will soon find out just how less stressful this type of life and work can be. Also, you will be amazed at how well you will be able to manage your own work and free time, and find time to both do your job and lead the life you have always wanted to at the same time.

Plus, you can travel anywhere and at any time and still do your job, so no more waiting for the holidays to go on that trip you have been dreaming of!


Get your laptop out and ready and get started with this new page in your life story today!

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