Data-Driven Marketing – Great Examples That You Should Know

Data is everything today. Every organization is doing everything possible to ensure that they have the right information before any decisions are made. Have you heard about data-driven marketing? It is the trending topic today. The good thing is that big data is rapidly growing and organizations have more than enough data on their hands to use.

Marketing experts with enough skills and experience to work with this data effectively are the most successful. If you are tasked to market any organization, always consider using data-driven marketing strategies. Here are excellent examples that you should know.

Monitoring the Effect of Market Changes on Marketing

Change is inevitable and they are happening too fast nowadays. To better understand the changes in the marketing industry, you need to monitor the changes in the market. Data is collected to help marketers know the current needs of the customers, the trends, and what they do not want. This strategy has always been effective in the marketing sector, especially when data is collected, analyzed, and interpreted well.

Monitoring Your Own Campaigns

Big brands always collect data on the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns they choose. With all the software today, it is possible to collect and analyze such data. When making decisions, entrepreneurs and data-driven marketing professionals refer to this data as explained on As such, they can adopt the campaigns that yield results and drop or repackage those that are not as effective.

Using Demographic Data to Differentiate a Product

Today, most marketing strategies include understanding market segments according to age, gender, and education, among other factors. This is called demographic, and such data helps entrepreneurs to differentiate their products well. The argument is that when you understand the needs of a specific consumer segment, you will add more value to your product to suit them better. In most cases, your product will end up becoming superior to that of your competitors.

Measuring Marketing Success Strategy

A while back, measuring success in business was a straightforward process involving just a few factors. Today, it is a detailed process that involves a lot. It involves the number of new leads that you get in the market, conversion rates, marketing strategies that trigger interactions, and much more. If you have data for all of these touchpoints, you can find out which ones are working and which will need more attention. In the end, you will have a working data-driven marketing strategy.

Using Marketing Platform Data to Make Decisions

Lastly, a data-driven marketing team should show the right marketing channel to use. Initially, print and broadcast media were the main platforms. But according to data, social media platforms are now the best. If you have enough data, you can even know which one is better between Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others.


From the above examples, it is evident that data is a game-changer in marketing. No business will just succeed by laying down the best marketing strategies without it. The good thing is that you now know how crucial it is and you also have some excellent examples that you can follow.

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