Laptop Tips: How to Energize Your Laptop


To energize your laptop means to maintain your laptop so it will work well and you do not have to worry about slow working. At least there are three things you have to really pay attention on.

Take care of the hardware well

There are three stuffs you have to pay attention to make sure you are taking care of the hardware of your laptop well. First, keep it clean. Pay attention on the screen and the keyboard. Sometime there is dust or dirt attached. You have to clean it well. Use lint-free cloth and laptop liquid cleaner to clean the stains and dirts. Do not vacuum or clean the laptop with water. Second, keep the temperature down. Do not let your laptop over heat. The heat will damage every component of your laptop. Use some air fan and always put the laptop on the solid surface like woods. You also have to pay attention on any computer accessories that increases the temperature of your laptop.

Third, use a case. You cannot carry your laptop in your bag with any other stuffs together with your laptop. It will scratch and damage your laptop. Always and always put your laptop in a laptop case to protect your laptop. The case will also protect your laptop from any bump. It will be helpful to energize your laptop.

Take care of the software well

As well as the hardware, you also have to take care of the software of your laptop well. There are several things you have to pay attention. First, consider an antivirus software. It is important for you to protect the software with an antivirus, especially if you always go online with your laptop or often plug in some external devices into your laptop USB port. But, you have to always make sure if the antivirus is updated and you have only one. Some antivirus softwares that are installed together will take so much of your laptop memory and may encounter one to another. Second, you have to frequently clear out of system clutter. Just clear the cookies and internet memory. It will be easier for you to install clean up power tool to clean the software and to tune up your laptop work.

Take care of the battery right

At last you have to keep the battery well. The battery will affect the work your laptop well. It is important for you to take care your laptop well. It is pretty easy, you just need to keep the battery clean, keep the temperature down, and charge it will to energize your laptop.

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