MacX DVD Ripper Pro – Rip Any DVD to Any Format in 5 Minutes

Movie and music DVD can become one of troublesome thing you have. When you buy them and keep them as collection, there is always a chance that it will be damaged, either by bumping or mold, if you can’t keep the moisture of the room where you keep your DVD. It will be really devastating, especially if the DVD you have is the movie or music from your favorite artist. So, to solve this problem and protect the content, you need to rip it. For Mac user, there is software that you can use to do that perfectly. It’s called MacX DVD Ripper Pro. We can call this software as best Mac DVD Ripperyou can find.

What is MacX DVD Ripper Pro?

Just like its name, this is software for ripping the DVD content. You can use it on Mac OS. This software also has many really useful features that will help you to do many things easily. With this software, you also can easily play the content of your DVD on many devices, including iOS and Android device. That means whenever you want to watch the DVD content, you can do it anytime and anywhere.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro also can be said as the one of the fastest DVD ripper software for Mac you can find right now. Yes, some people maybe know Handbrake as one of most popular DVD ripper for Mac. However, MacX DVD Ripper has everything that won’t lose to that software. We can even call it as the best Handbrake alternative. With its easiest feature and interface, we think this product is much better than Handbrake.

The MacX DVD Ripper Pro Features

When you want to get or buy any software, the most important thing to consider is the features that that software has. So, here are the features of MacX DVD Ripper Pro that you must know.

The Compatibility
MacX DVD Ripper can be used on almost all DVD type. Maybe, this is the DVD ripper software for Mac that has widest DVD support. With this software, basically you can rip DVD format that just release these days, homemade DVD (DVD9 and DVD5), 99-titles movies, AV DVD, TV series DVD, movie DVD and many other in UDF and ISO9660 formats. You can even rip the damaged DVD content, which is great feature you ever found in DVD ripper software. And, it’s not only the format. You also can rip the DVD with copy protection, such as Disney DRM, Sony ARccOS and many others. So, basically we can say that you can rip all DVDs with this software easily.

The Speed
Of course, having best alternative to Handbrake mac that can rip any kind of DVD wouldn’t be enough. You don’t want to spend hours and even whole night just to wait until it’s finished ripping, don’t you? So, the ripping speed is important here. Fortunately, MacX DVD Ripper has ripping speed that perfectly fit for you who don’t want to waste your time. It’s fast!

The other ripper needs more than 1.5 hours to rip the entire content of a DVD. MacX DVD Ripper can cut that length and only need 5 minutes to rip the full content of a DVD. This software has incredible ripping speed at 320 FPS to finish the process. Compared to Handbrake that is only 130 FPS, this software is definitely way faster.

Why it can be that fast? The answer is the technology and methods that MacX DVD Ripper used to rip the content. This software uses the batch conversion method that utilizes the hyper-threading and multi-core CPU to increase the speed. Plus, this software has Level-3 Hardware Acceleration tech that can boost the speed in video decoding, processing and encoding stage. Therefore, you won’t need too much time until it’s finished.

The Outputs
Are you satisfied, if your software has only capability to rip DVD to MP4? Some people may say yes, because this output can be played in many platforms. But, MacX DVD Ripper Pro gives you more. This software has huge options of format you can choose as your ripping output. Here are the output formats you can get from MacX DVD Ripper Pro:
– MP4,
– H.264,
– MOV,
– M4V,
– QT,
– AVI,
– FLV,
– MKV,
– M4V,
– MTS,
– M2TS,
– ISO image,
– Etc.

It also supports the MP3, AAC and AC3 audio format. More than that, you also can use this software to produce the output that can be used on all iPhone models, including the latest iPhone X/8, iPad, Apple TV, iPod, Android gadget from many brands (Samsung, Sony, Huawei, HTC and other).

The Editing Features
More than that, you also can do many editing process with this Free DVD Ripper Mac. Yes, it’s free, but you also can buy the Pro version for more features. The editing features itself is quite complete. You can crop the frame size, add text on the movie, adjust the video setting (codec, bitrates, resolution, etc) and even add subtitle on your movie.

Overall, MacX DVD Ripper Pro is complete software that you can count on. It will help you to get the best result like what you want. How about Handbrake? If you still have a doubt in your mind, let’s compare them and see the result.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro vs. Handbrake


MacX DVD Ripper Pro


Output format

MP4, H.264, MOV, M4V, HEVC, QT, AVI, MPEG, FLV, MKV, M4V, MTS, M2TS, ISO image, etc.


Mobile device compatibility

iOS and Android


Remove DVD copy protection






1:1 Backup DVD to MPEG-2, ISO, MKV



Ripping Speed

5 minutes (280 FPS, 150% CPU)

20 minutes (116 FPS, 780% CPU)

Level-3 Hardware Acceleration tech



Editing feature (trim, merge, crop, add subtitle)



Video quality

Compressed and Loseless

Compressed only

Now, after you look at those comparisons, you must know which one is the best, right? Therefore, if you want to know How to rip rip DVD free on Mac, you can only choose one. It is MacX DVD Ripper Pro.

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