How to Close Off Comments in Google+ Marketing Page

Close Off Comments in Google+Running a business by using social media as the marketing strategy is a great idea. Social media has grown up bigger and bigger, many more people use it every day, and they get much information about it. So it will become a great marketing zone since the people will see your business. However, online marketing is not that easy, you need some strategies to win the competitions with your competitors in social media. Learning from social media experts is a great way to get success in this business. One of the great tips from the experts is closing off the comments in your Google+ post. The tips are below.

Understanding the System

The system of the comment will make one negative comment ruins your business. It is because someone who has written a comment will get notifications of other users’ comments. It means the comments will become a great way to punctuate attentions of the people.


In Google+ post, you can control the people who can keep in touch with you and how they can engage with you. So you can also control the comments of the people that can destroy your business. To close off the comments, click the menu on the top right of your post and then select ‘disable comments’. In this way, no one can comment your post, moreover giving negative comments.

Getting Only Positive Comments from the People

When you have closed off the comments in the Google+ post so how you can get comments of people who give positive impacts. In this way, actually you can know the people who have positive comments for your posts. You can know it from clicking one positive comment, because the positive comment is commonly followed by other positive comments of other users. When you have known the people who give you positive feedbacks, add them to your circles. Furthermore, they will become the best followers of you. Then you can build great relationship to them to build your business.

Sometimes you also need to enable the comments on the Google+ post again. If you do it, add additional notification and message to the people on the past threads next time. It will be a great idea to market your product or service to the people connected to the old one. Therefore, you will not get the negative comments anymore. Just run the business inside the environment of people who trust your product or service. So there is no one that can destroy your business only from a comment.

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