TensorFlow; Newly Launched Machine Learning System from Google

TensorFlow is a machine learning system that was newly launched by Google in early November 2015. The applications will bring the smarts of Google into your applications. This machine learning will improve the searching results such as to find precise pictures in Google Photos as well as the result of keywords input through voice recognition.

With the new highly scalable machine learning system, Google believes that neural nets will be developed and trained in five times quicker than the previous system can do. The system can run in one device or up to thousands of datacenters’ computers.

Google also ever had DistBelief. It was an internal tool that was specially designed in 2011 for neural networks. The production was limited since the internal tool was hard to configure. Besides, it was strongly coupled to the infrastructure inside Google so it was almost impossible to share the code of the research externally.

On the other hand, TensorFlow could own nearly unlimited potencies across numbers of industry and life walks so it brings great impact for kinds of people including engineers, hobbyists, and also the academic researchers. The machine learning system opening will not only bring advantages to the developers but also to Google. Google can expand the machine learning systems of them according to wider testing, so it produces better systems for all people.

In the blog post, the CEO of Google named Sundar Pichai wrote that the machine learning was still in the start. He added that today’s computers still cannot do what a 4 years old child can do easily, such as knowing dinosaurs’ names after he/ she saw two examples. Otherwise, to understand kinds of allusions. The developers still have many works ahead, yet Google has a great start with TensorFlow and they are sure can do it together with the team.

The movement of Google must lead to smarter machine learning systems. Moreover, it should support to improve the complex science much quicker than the years recently. It can be done by using a large developers’ large pool input and the users. TensorFlow is an interesting improvement of Google and let’s see what we can create with the machine learning system. Hopefully, it can be useful and support the needs of humans more about creative ideas or anything. Google will also do the next improvement of the system. They will make users get much more easiness to find information based on their needs.

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