Benefits Multi-Camera Fleet Solutions Offer Transportation

Some transport companies suffer huge losses due to road accidents. Apart from the potential destruction of life and property, vehicular accidents present transport managers with huge financial trouble — insurance costs invariably increase and there may be lawsuits that must be settled.

When these unfortunate events happen on the roads, accusing fingers are often pointed at the commercial drivers. Sometimes they may be in the wrong but other times it isn’t their fault. Maybe it’s high time we spared a thought for the poor commercial drivers.

If we’re technologically smart enough to build vehicles, then why can’t we employ technology to eliminate or reduce road accidents? The good news is that there’s already a way out. Multi-camera fleet solutions offer great benefits to the transportation sector.  Let’s see how these systems work in real life.

Importance of Multi-Camera Fleet Solutions to Transport Companies

·       Vehicle Cameras Can Reveal the Cause of Accidents

Fleet managers are greatly concerned about the safety of their fleet. They have to protect drivers’ lives while utilizing their resources effectively to increase productivity.

However, in the face of accidents, all these organizational goals can fall apart. If your commercial driver gets involved in an accident with a passenger vehicle, this will create problems for you as a fleet manager. Many a time, the blame is placed on the commercial driver, without any proof.

After the accident, legal battles inevitably result; insurance rates may also increase. How do you solve this financial problem once and for all? The answer is in-vehicle surveillance cameras.

Multi-camera solutions consist of a network of cameras that can be installed on vehicles such as semi-trucks (trailers) and buses. They provide a complete real-time view of the vehicle’s front, side, and rear.

If an accident occurs, fleet managers will receive video footage of the event. This can help legal teams to establish the proof of fault and thereby reduce unnecessary lawsuit settlements.

Some trucking companies have been able to reduce their accident costs by a whopping 30-40%, just by installing in-vehicle multi-camera systems.

·       Protection Plan Against Theft

The installation of video surveillance cameras has been an effective solution that reduces vehicle theft. Thieves avoid vehicles with onboard cameras because they know that their identity can be tracked.

·       Increases Safety

Another benefit of multi-camera vehicle solutions can be seen in driver safety improvements. Thanks to onboard vehicle surveillance cameras, fleet managers can obtain live footage of their drivers’ behavior.

This helps them to monitor a driver’s speed, acceleration, and braking habits. If near accident situations occur, managers can monitor these and advise drivers appropriately. This way, prevention is better than cure.

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·       Prevents Driver Malpractices

Without in-vehicle cameras, transport managers have no way to monitor drivers when they’re operating several miles away.

Due to this, some unscrupulous drivers use company vehicles to take side jobs when they’re out of view. This wastes fuel and increases the expenditure of fleet companies.

Thanks to the introduction of in-vehicle surveillance cameras, incidences of driver misconduct have reduced drastically. Drivers don’t misbehave when they’re being monitored.

Benefits Multi-Camera Fleet Solutions Offer Transportation Managers: Overall Conclusion

The transport industry is becoming more efficient every year. This is partly due to the benefits of multi-camera fleet solutions. When there are more than 4 intelligent cameras installed on a vehicle, tracking that vehicle becomes easier.

Fleet managers rely on these tools to obtain video evidence that helps in accident investigations. If video evidence clears drivers of any blames, then trucking companies won’t have to pay lawsuit settlements.

Finally, with fewer accidents and no vehicle theft, cameras also save lives and property. Sooner or later, law firms who depend on accident lawsuits for a living will be out of business.

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