11 Productivity tips from writers and bloggers

Severe productivity impairment can terribly hinder your overall creativeness and ability to write. It can have a debilitating effect on the work you’re able to do, if you allow it to take over. But, curbing that productivity slump can have you pumping out the good stuff like no one else. Take a page out of the book of these writers and bloggers, when it comes to tips for improving your productivity.

Start with a clean slate

As the saying goes, a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind. Declutter yourself by clearing out all non-essential stuff from your desk. It may take some time, but once it’s done, you’ll definitely notice a difference in the way your mind is able to think more clearly. And, having a tool like Toggl can help you keep track of the time you use and what you use it on.

When in doubt, do something creative

There may be times when you want to get some work done, but you don’t know exactly what you should be doing. In those times, it never hurts to get some creative work done – whether it’s writing, creating videos or some other content. These are things that you can always use at any point in the future. If you want to test out your skills, you can use Easy Word Count to check out your typing speed, or Typing Test to see both your speed and accuracy. When you want to be visually creative, Canva and Pablo can help you put together beautifully creative graphics and imagery to add to your content.

List it

I’m a list person. Even if it’s something as everyday as folding my laundry, I like to be able to check something off of my list. It makes me feel as though I’ve achieved something, and it actually makes me want to keep going and get even more things checked off. By writing yourself a ‘to do’ list, you can help motivate yourself to get more done and keep yourself on track with what still needs to be done. And, when your list becomes too overwhelming, some help from the team of writers at Write my paper can get you back on track.

Stay focused on what matters

How easily we become distracted by anything else going on in our lives. But, when it comes time to work, those things need to be forgotten about – at least temporarily. It’s not possible to be productive when other things are running through our minds, occupying our thoughts and our energy. Focus on the task at hand, and leave those other things for a time that’s more appropriate. ZenWriter is the perfect tool for helping you focus, by giving you a calm and peaceful space where you can organize your thoughts .

Save the snacking for later

I always thought that having a little snack by my side while writing helped motivate me and keep me working. But, then I realized it was actually doing more distracting than helping. While I should have been focused on writing, I was thinking about the tasty treat I was feasting on. I decided it was better to do a little pre-writing snacking, and save the rest for after I was done working. This helped keep my desk and my mind clear, so I was able to put all of my energy towards what needed to get done.

Keep your ideas in a safe place

As fast as ideas can come to you, they can be gone just as quick if you don’t make the effort to preserve them. Get Pocket can help you save anything for later review, so you can pull it up when you’ve got the time, without having to rely on your memory to bring it back. And, keep you reputation and credibility safe, by guarding yourself against accusations of plagiarism with the help of the plagiarism checkers at Academized or UKwritings.

Plan for the future of your posts

You may have a few posts put together for the upcoming little while, but you can never have too much content planned for. Neither your readers nor Google will ever get tired of seeing new and interesting content from you, so whenever you are able to, you should work towards putting content together that you can use in the future. This is especially true if you’re having an especially inspiring writing session, where creative ideas are flowing freely. When you take advantage of these moments, it makes those times when you’re stricken with writer’s block less stressful. Planning for future posts could also include outsourcing your content writing, so that you’ve got a good amount to draw from when needed. A company such as Boomessays can help you get ahead with your future posts.

The emails will be there when you’re done

The notification of a new message arriving in your inbox may appear to be a welcome distraction, but can severely take away from the progress you may be making with your work. Emails may be constantly flowing into your inbox, and they aren’t going anywhere once they land there, so there’s no rush to get to them immediately and interrupt what you’re doing. If you’re working on something at the moment, get it done, then get to the emails. Theyèll still be there, waiting for you, when you’re ready.

Narrow your focus

Don’t get distracted by all of the things that need doing. Figure out what needs to be done now, and stick to it. When you try to spread yourself too thin, by working on multiple things simultaneously,  you’ll only find that your work suffers because you aren’t putting your full effort into it. And, it’s likely to take longer to complete each of those tasks. Get a little extra help completing some of those tasks from the team at Australian help, where you can get assistance with everything from writing to editing.

Move from most important to least

Yes, some things may be more fun for you to do than others, but there are certain things that must be prioritized and get done first. Use the completion of these things as motivation for you to be able to work on the things you enjoy doing more.

Break before you break

Everyone needs a break now and again. If you’re trying to push yourself too hard, without giving yourself time to step back, you’ll find that you aren’t as productive because your mind canèt stay focused in the same way a well-rested mind can.


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