Interesting Facts About Using iPhone

In 2007, Apple launched the phone in the Macworld. When Steve jobs announced about the phone people showed wide interest for it as the Apple computer system were quite in trend these days and people love to buy the machine. It is reported that on first launch of the phone the company sold about 7 million phones. Till now the company has sold about 1 billion phones. The Apple named it as iPhone and it is considered as one of the popular phone brands these days. it has become the symbol of prestige these days. people love to purchase this product. some of the interesting facts that define its popularity and wide usage are

Simplicity and Design

The main season the most business person and the young generation love to purchase this phone is its simplicity. If you see the first phone or series 10 phone the design is almost the same. There is no wide difference presence. The slim smart design with apple logo looks cool when in hand. The metallic colors, the sharp and bright screen all give the alluring effect to the users. Although there is a number of companies in the world launched this type of phones but Apple product is still popular although the design is simple and its expensive than other companies.

According to survey iPhone users are loyal to the phone as compared to the Android users. The phone users say that their next phone also will be iPhone and not the Android one while the later type users switch to different systems off and on.

Unique OS

We see a phone from Samsung, Huawei and much more are working on Android technology but the Apple phone is unique from all as it only works with IOS system to get modded apps, themes, and tweaks for iphone visit hackyouriphone repo . Although most apps are the same the IOS is different from the Android type. It supports multiple apps and according to reports about 350,000 apps are available in the Apple store and cover almost all niches. Along with the processor is powerful that support high definition games and multimedia content. The best part of the phone is that it does not crash as Apple has designed the special bug-free script. The app download quickly as compared to Android system.

Synchronizing Features

For those who love to listen to music can synchronize their phone to iTunes or iPod. No matter where the music file is present, simply synchronize to enjoy the audio system with a high-quality sound system. download iTunes and make the phone function as iPod.

Value Never Get Down.

The best part of this iphone is that its value does not get much down as compared to other phones. You don’t have to face much lose as compared to other company’s phone. one of the reasons for preferring this phone is its valuable nature that does not reduce much.

Are you willing to buy a new phone/ do you have some extra budget? Want toe to experience the system other than Android? Why not prefer this incredible unique simple yet powerful phone.

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