Latest Facebook Tips and Tricks in 2015

Since its first launching nine years ago, Facebook always have development in all aspects. Those developments are made to give best experiences for the users so they enjoy socializing. There are features and tools that are always updated both for the web and mobile options. If you don’t know about the development yet, some Facebook tips and tricks below may help you to enjoy the social media again.

Important Friends are Priority

Managing the News Feed is not new feature on Facebook. However, it also becomes the feature to revamp. What’s new? You will get priority of other users’ updated after you choose the News Feed Preferences on the desktop or phone’s main menu. It will also enable you to unfollow someone.

Prevent Suspicious Activity

This is the next Facebook tips and tricks to know. You can check the activities connected to your Facebook account. When you open your account on PC, setting the Security Page. From the PC, you can log out the account you have on smartphones or laptops.

Two Steps Verification

It is important to get double security. To prevent someone’s account, make sure someone else needs more than just username and the password. When you make the verification, a text massage will be sent to your phone giving the verification code. Go to the Setting page on your desktop and then select Edit and Login Approvals to turn on the two factor authentication on Facebook.

Undo some Mistakes on Facebook

To know what you have done on Facebook, just click the Activity Log on the menu. It will show all you have done recently on the social media. The page enables you to delete comments, posts, take back likes, as well as setting the privacy. You can correct a regret post you made with this Facebook tips and tricks.

Stop Tagging

Many friends tag photos or online shops promoting their products’ pictures by tagging might be annoying. You can set the tags and review them before they appear on your Timeline. Go to the setting page, select Timeline and Tagging, and then choose the Review posts. The setting will also stop posts into the profile wall.

Limit Notifications on Mobile Phone

Mobile phone that is always ringing for Facebook notifications might be also annoying for you. You can set to stop the beeping much time. Go to Setting page and select Notifications on your mobile phone. If can stop all notifications with these Facebook tips and tricks if necessary.

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