How to fix your Wi-Fi connectivity issues?

Since its introduction for domestic use, the internet has been a remarkable influence on everything that relates to the human race. From searching for jobs to looking for recipes for the little one. Finding the right house to looking for a pet that completes the family. From getting your travel plans in order to work from home and attending an all-important meeting. With AT&T internet, you get the chance to be everywhere with the world being in your grasp. No wonder they have been the number 1 in customer satisfaction for quite a number of years now!

The connectivity became fluid with the introduction of wireless technology. Wi-Fi came like a breath of fresh air and made the internet a necessity. It is like the shadow that follows you everywhere. It keeps you connected, it keeps you protected, it keeps you informed, it keeps you up to date, and it is touching our lives in a new way every day. The skies seem blue, the sun is shining, and there’s rainbow on the horizon. Heaven!

Life without electricity is unimaginable. Then mobile phones became an addition to the list and now the internet and Wi-Fi seem to be the latest addition. Life without internet seems like chaos. It is like internet is the power source of the light that we know as Wi-Fi. If it is down, everything becomes dark and gloomy. You want to stay connected all the time and we are here to ensure that you never lose connectivity. Here are connectivity issues and ways to rectify them without any technical support.

1. Selective connectivity

Everything is working fine, you are connected and then you lock your mobile and open your laptop. It has powered up and you are waiting for it to connect to the internet. You’ve waited a while and it still doesn’t connect. It’s alright, this can happen sometimes. Try turning the Wi-Fi on your laptop off, wait for a while, and then turn it on. This should sort it out. If the issue persists, do the same to the Wi-Fi router. Unplug it and then resuming connection after a 30-second interval.

What if the issue was only temporarily resolved? If the issue reoccurs, delete the current network from your device as a saved network and reconnect it like you did the first time. If you are a Windows 10 user, look for Wi-Fi troubleshooting, and head to identify and repair network issues. The system will automatically go through a series of diagnostics and resume connectivity.

When all else fails, restart the device!

2. No connectivity at all

What if disconnection goes viral and you cannot connect anything to the network. If you’re unable to connect through Wi-Fi, try to plug your laptop directly to the router using an Ethernet cable. Check if you have connectivity via Ethernet. If Ethernet does the trick, your Wi-Fi is the problem. If the internet still doesn’t work, get in touch with your ISP as your internet may be down.

Reset is a fix for so many different issues. Connectivity troubles are also on the same list. Take a paperclip and use it to press the reset button at the back of your router. Hold it for 30 seconds and your router should be back to default factory settings.

3. Wi-Fi disappears

If you lose your Wi-Fi network on any device, chances are that the router reset itself. Use another device to check if an unprotected network appears with the same name as yours. If this is the case, connect a laptop via Ethernet cable and re-configure the settings from scratch.

Before you dive into this fix, ensure that you have your router’s IP address and login information.

4. Frequent disconnection

You’ve tried everything and then got in touch with customer support. They tell you that the internet is down. A few days pass and the same issue reoccurs. If this is a normal feat, you know you have the wrong internet connection. There is no technique to fix a bad service provider. However, there is a permanent solution to this problem. Change your internet service provider.


Facing Wi-Fi issues is not common but they can prove to be nerve-testing problems. Having a quick fix for common issues at hand keeps the connectivity alive. There are times when the Wi-Fi is not at fault but the internet connection is. This requires a deeper look and recurring instances indicate that you need to move on!

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