The Importance of Translation in Global Business

In secondary education in the UK and the United States today, there is little emphasis on teaching modern foreign languages. Instead, the emphasis is on developing skills in Maths, Science and English. This is worrying. With the UK looking to re-establish themselves in the world of global training and with the new US president considering the future role of the US in the world, learning modern foreign languages is crucial to our future.

Doing Business

Business is constantly evolving, and businesses are looking to expand across continents and globally. For this to be successful it is crucial for you to understand each other. The way this would be done is through language. Of course, you can use interpreters and translators. These professionals are continuously evolving their role in global business, as they really are crucial to doing good business. Without the role of translators, doing business would just not be possible between two parties who do not speak a mutual language.

There are of course many countries around the world that do teach English to their school children. This is due to the prominent language that is English due to the United States being a key global power and the previous British Empire. Many countries such as China, South Korea and European countries usually have a pretty good understanding of English which enables them to converse for business purposes. Many have considered whether it is a good idea to globally decide on English as a language to do business in.

However, if your first language is not the one that you are doing business in then there is considerable risk that you could miss something in a business deal if you are not fluent in reading and writing the language. Therefore, being able to communicate with a business partner in their first language is essential for the success of the business deal.

Using Translators

What you really need in order to conduct successful business is someone that understands and shares your business partners first language. Just as importantly, you need someone who understands their business culture to. Using the services of a translator that is a native speaker of your business partners language is therefore essential. Using a translator that is a native allows them to communicate any concepts or ideas that you may miss or miss interpret all together in a business deal. This is of course crucial to the success of your business.

The Future

While modern languages are not being taught in school, translators are more critical than ever to make successful business deals. This is an industry that is only going to become more and more essential in the coming years.

Where to find appropriate services

Finding good quality services can seem like a daunting task for your business. The most obvious place to start your search is online. There are three main types of services. These include online translation services, telephone services and face to face services. Online services generally only deal with written documents which you can scan and send electronically to receive a translated document in return. Telephone translation services can be useful, especially when you need the services of an interpreter at short notice. This service can be quite expensive. Face to face business translation services can be quite difficult to find, especially outside of large cities. However, they provide the gold standard in such services. Make sure you check your translators qualifications.

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