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Browser Cleanup by iMyMac is a must-have tool if you want to keep your browser in an optimized state. With this tool, you can improve your online experience while using the browser of your choice on your Mac. You can clean up cookies, junk files, and history, get rid of deceleration issues, clear privacy traces to protect confidential data and many more. Those who have Mac OS and Mac OS X can easily install this application without any difficulty.

If you are in search of a tool to effectively clean your browser, you should take a close look on this iMyMac Browser Cleanup review.

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What Are Cookies?

Cookies are simply data created in your browser after visiting a website. Most websites utilize cookies that are stored on the hard disk which will allow the website to recognize you in case you decide to visit the site again. It also shows some information on elements that you might be interested in.

Cookies are considered useful for those who are in the marketing team of a certain website. The reason for this is that on some websites, an increase in pricing occurs if it receives a visit from the same source.

There are also occurrences that provide offers that you do not need and those that you do not want to see. There are also cases where it can show you one of the old accounts that you no longer want to see.

What Can Browser Cleanup Do?

With iMyMac Browser Cleanup, it can clear all history information, cookies and other private files of various browsers such as IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and many more. The software of Browser Cleanup operates in a fast and hassle-free manner and supports the cleanup of various kernels and multiple languages.

  • History. Clean up the browser history on your device such as download and browse records and many more.
  • Cookie. You have the freedom to choose the cookies you want to keep such as websites that are frequently opened.
  • Files. You can select files to be deleted and folders to be emptied.

What Are The Advantages?

Although you can find a variety of software out there that promises to effectively clean your browsers, iMyMac Browser Cleanup stands out from the rest due to its easy-to-use interface and smooth operation.

Furthermore, other features that make this software the best choice out there include the following:

  • Easy to use. This tool is suitable for anybody. Whether you are a novice or unfamiliar with the computer, you have nothing to worry about. The software is easy to use and only requires a few clicks on your mouse.
  • Fast. The software operates swiftly with just a single click to clear your browser from all unwanted elements.
  • Free. The software is free to download with a free clean of 500MB data.
  • Comprehensive. You can choose the data you want to clean.

iMyMac Browser Cleanup Review: How Does It Work?

If you are still having doubts whether to try this software out, let us take a closer look on this iMyMac Browser Cleanup review on how it works.

Generally, deleting cookies on your Mac is not a difficult task. Nevertheless, it might consume more time especially if you are using several browsers on your device. By now, if you do not want to spend more time by deleting the cookies on your browsers, iMyMac Browser Cleanup is the ideal tool for you.

With iMyMac Browser Cleanup, you can delete cookies on your browser with just one click. Aside from deleting all the cookies on your browser, it can also clean up all junk files and history. In addition, you can also remove any deceleration issues while clearing all confidential data present on your browser that you no longer want to see.

With this iMyMac Browser Cleanup review, you can look on an overview below on the steps on how to use the software.

Step1. Download the iMyMac Browser Cleanup. Proceed and install the software on your Mac.

Step2. Once you have installed the iMyMac Browser Cleanup, open the application. Select the Browser Cleanup-Privacy tool that is found under “ToolKit”.

Step3. Once you have selected the Privacy, proceed and click on the Scan button. The program will scan the browser data on your device which will only take a few seconds. Simply wait until the program finishes the scanning procedure.

Step4. After the scanning process is completed, the program will provide you with a list of browsers that are present on your Mac. Select the browser that you want to clean up. Click on the Cookies button to clean up the cookies on the browsers that you have selected.

You can also perform the same steps if you want to clean the download history, visit history and many more. The list is presented on the right side of the screen for easy selection.

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Step5. Click on the clean button found beneath the screen. Confirm the action by clicking on the Confirm button on the pop-up window that will appear on the screen. Now, wait for the program to finish the cleaning process of the cookies from your browser.

There you have it – simple and quick cleaning of all the browsers on your Mac using iMyMac Browser Cleanup.


With iMyMac Browser Cleanup, you can easily clean up cookies from your browser in a hassle-free manner. The program only requires a few mouse clicks to effectively delete all cookies from any browser on your Mac. An added feature is that it also removes the history and junk files as well.

By now, this iMyMac Browser Cleanup review has provided you with all the information that you need to make the decision. Remember that cleaning the cookies on your browsers will also improve the overall performance every time you are using the browsers. If you want an effortless manner to clean up all browsers on your Mac as well as improve its performance, iMyMac Browser Cleanup is the best choice.

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