Yealink CP960, the Best Choice for Video Conference

Video Conference solve the problem that we had in the past, regarding the meeting. In the past, the distance and time always became the ones that hold the meeting to be held. Now, the technology bypassed those two. With the latest tool, you can hold a meeting even if you are separated by an ocean. 

As mentioned, technology is the one responsible to make long-distance meetings doable. Therefore, it’s normal, if you choose the best equipment for holding the video conferencing. In this case, you can try to use the CP960 phone, a unique device designed by Yealink. What can this tool do?

High-Quality Audio

CP960 is an audio conferencing phone. Therefore, the audio is its main feature. And, it seems that Yealink uses the best part for producing the sound. They use 10 Watt speakers installed in this unique triangle-like-shaped phone. The unique placement allows it to produce a clear HD audio. It is enough to reach every corner of your meeting room.

Then, it also has a microphone that can pick up sound from 20-feet away. The 360-degree level features are also applied to this microphone. Therefore, the sound that the other partners hear will be much clearer. Moreover, this phone also has a noise-reduction feature. Mostly, in the video or audio conferencing event, the sound of participant type on the keyboard could be very disturbing. This noise-reduction feature will deal with that flawlessly. You won’t hear any noise from this kind of source anymore with CP960.

Easy to Pair

This phone is also easy to pair with other devices. You can use Bluetooth or use the cable to directly connect it with other devices. It is very useful if you plan to use it for a video conference. Pairing with a camera that will record the participant couldn’t be much easier. 

You can start the pairing process easily through the LCD touch screen mounted on the phone’s body. Swipe it to the left and you will find the menu to pair the device. Choose the pairing type, and voila, in seconds, you have two of your devices paired easily.

Better Call Management

Yealink CP960 lets you manage your call easily. You can do many things to the call you made to start the conference or during the conference. First of all, when you are going to start the conference, you can make up to five calls. You do that at the same time.

In the middle of the conference, you also can add more people, as long as the participant doesn’t exceed the limit, which is 5 calls. It allows you to call one by one. Or, you can make multiple calls during the conference. 

Furthermore, you also can adjust the status of the calling. For example, if in the middle of the conference, you want to mute the participant, you can do it on the control screen. You also can cut the call individually, and connect it back again. You can do them easily on one touch screen control panel.

Video Conferencing Compatibility

CP960 is an audio conferencing tool. However, you also can pair it with many other Yealink products and accessories to create a set of tools for video conferencing. All these tools and accessories are available on the Yealink store. You can even order a video conferencing set, where you get the CP960 phone, a mini PC, and a camera, along with other accessories to connect them all. 

The best of all about this offer is you also get a VoIP account you can use. Plus, the video conferencing set also has the initial setting to connect it with the Zoom Room. This is the best way you can use to hold video conferencing. You just need a Zoom account to use with this tool.

The Benefits

As you can see, CP960 helps you to hold video conferences much easier. You can save more money on it. You don’t need to worry about the distance or transportation fee. You just need a good internet connection and that’s all. You hold your meeting anytime you want.


In short, CP960 is the tool that you need for video conference needs. This unique phone helps you to connect with other people easier and clearer. For other accessories and tools that you need to pair with this phone, you can always look at Yealink Microsoft Teams collection to get them. So, use this amazing tool by Yealink whenever you want to have a meeting through video.

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