How Used Car Dealers Improve the Trust of their Customers

One of the most common issues that car dealers face is that the consumer does not trust the dealership. This is understandable, as you hear many horror stories of people purchasing used automobiles only to later find out that the car has a bad history or they have to pay through the teeth for repairs shortly after owning the vehicle.

A report from Auto Trader discovered that just 7% of British consumers trust used vehicle dealerships. So, what can a dealer do to improve the trust of customers?


Improved Customer Experience

Firstly, it is important for all dealerships to carefully analyse their customer experience and look for ways to improve this. This includes both in the showroom and online and being completely transparent in regards to cost and fees.

In the showroom, this will include being friendly, professional and eager to help. You should always listen to the customer, be completely honest and never attempt to rush them into a decision. The showroom should be tidy, clean and well-spaced out.

Online, you should include presentation videos of each car, completely accurate and transparent information about the vehicle, professional looking photographs and previous customer reviews of the dealer. The website should look modern and be easy to navigate.

Many consumers turn to social media to gauge the trustworthiness of a business, so you should be active across Facebook and Twitter and encourage customer feedback.


Approved Dealership

Becoming a dealership that meets certain standards helps consumers to identify safe places to buy used vehicles. AA Cars have an “Approved Dealer” standard that has been set up to increase consumer trust. By offering AA Inspections on your entire stock and signing up to a 10-Point Dealer Promise, you can join the Approved Dealer programme.


Vehicle History Report

Any smart used car buying checklist will tell the consumer to obtain a vehicle history; this helps the consumer to learn about the vehicle and ensure that the report matches the automobile. A great way to show that you are trustworthy and eager to help is to provide this report for them (these reports can be obtained with the Vehicle Identification Number). You could also suggest to the customer that they ask a mechanic to give their analysis of the automobile.

With little trust from consumers in today’s day and age, it is vital for any used car dealer to take steps to show that their dealership is a safe place to buy a used vehicle. This can be achieved with the above methods.

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