GMC and Buick- The Leading Subsidiaries of General Motors

Sports and Hypercars have their own attraction. However, when it’s about being durable and reliable for generations to come, nothing beats an old Pickup Truck or SUV. Speaking of which, GMC has always been a favorite of people who enjoy riding in one of these bad boys. GMC, a tough competitor of Chevrolet and Ford, has maintained its own fan base for years.

The reason for that is this brand has introduced some of the best Trucks and SUVs since its introduction. Some of them are Sierra, Silverado, Acadia and Yukon. What’s more interesting, these names are not just been introduced. These have been ruling the streets for years and for years to come. Yes, the car line has been going on since 50`s and still running like perfection

Relation with Buick

There is nothing to buzz about here. GMC is a subsidiary of General Motors, just like Buick. GMC focusses on Pickup Trucks and SUVs while Buick works on high-end luxury cars. Both brands share their own fan base in the market and remains one of the highest sought after brands of General Motor today. Minding that, the following is a brief intro of both these brands with names of their bestselling nameplates.

buick gmc

Introduction to GMC

This is the automobile division of General Motors, a company that majorly works on Trucks and other utility vehicles. The Fact is, this brand sells Pickup and Commercial trucks while adding Military, vans, buses and sports utility vehicles to the equation. The major hub of this brand remains in American and Middle East.

William C Durant founded it in 1912. Apart from vehicle manufacturing, this brand has also made its mark on vehicle financing and insurance. GMC is not only limited to manufacturing civilian models. yes, it also deals with Light-Heavy Duty Trucks, Busses, Vans, SUVs, Motorhomes, Military vehicles and much more.

1912 GMC Truck

At first, it was nothing more than a holding company for Buick. The brand was resold once more and later on; it got three manufacturing units. This was followed by continuous expansion of the brand as it went on to become one of the most trusted brands all over. It’s accommodating the needs of a wide array of customers. All due to its wide range of automobiles that can serve under any harsh weather condition. It’s used in the private sector as well as the counterpart. This is on the few companies trying to get a Hybrid out of its recent dies.

Impression of GMC Auto Today

Do you know that GMC Yukon and GMC Terrain are named among the vehicles with least maintenance needs? This is yet another proof that GMC Auto are reliable. No doubt this long-standing SUV and Pickup truck maker are among the most reliable brands with an average of 188,580 before losing value. All of its customer bases praise the low repair and maintenance cost they get to enjoy with its models. The GMC Auto is made to last for long. Let’s do not forget that most of its parts and accessories can be easily changed with Chevrolet Models. the Pickups stay on the road for a long time, and it’s quite common to see people riding in decades-old GMC truck. Throw in the all wheel perfection drive and couple it with some beauty engines, this si what sums up all GMC Auto range, making it a solid choice.

Legacy of GMC Cars

GMC is one of handful American auto brands that gives their Asian counterpart a tough stance. It competes with the Asian Sharks for Reliability in Affordable price. Moreover, GMC Cars went on becoming one of the most trusted lines of vehicles. These cars are famous for their power and efficiency. Not only that, the GMC brand name has a knack for improving its products time to time, to keep up with the market. This is what makes the loyal customer attached to this brand after so many years. Yes, it steady power and acceleration remain one of the identical elements of its models apart from wide grills and company logo.

Not to mention, how harsh the weather is, the GMC Cars always get a quick start with silent operation and low emission. All while it doesn’t lose its power. If you need maximum efficiency along with stable power. This brand is your Savior.

The Image of GMC Truck in Market

GMC has a reputation for introducing some of the most reliable trucks on the market. Despite its brand new or several years old, the GMC Truck see you through to even roughest terrain for generations to come. This company is benefiting its users with a trusted range of Pickup Trucks and SUVs since the day it was founded. Today, most of its Pickup truck line makes up to the list of most reliable vehicles in the world. These models are Sierra, and C4500.

GMC Truck

Yes, Reliability has become more of a label that auto brands attach with their models. GMC Truck Line is one of them because it makes sure every dollar spent on its product brings unmatched worth to the customer. Following are a few specs that act as the secret to their reliability
• Driver Control Tech
• Coil-Over Shock Suspension
• Direction Inject Technology
• Variable Valve Timing
• Durable Brake Rotors
• Great Mileage

GMC Sierra Overview

gmc sierra

GMC Sierra remains a flagship product. it’s big and boxy after all. Let’s not forget, it’s powerful and is perhaps the most reliable Pickup truck. Without saying much, let’s have a quick view at its basic specs:
• 5.3L V8 Engine
• 355 Horsepower and 383 Torque
• 6 Speed Auto Transmission
• 16 Miles in city and 22 miles on Highway Mileage

Not so fanciful but quite practical! Let’s keep in mind that these specs will remain the same for generations to come. In its 50 years of history, the GMC Sierra always cared to pack with the latest feature to keep beef with its rivals (Chevy and Ford), and it was always interesting. For the looks. It’s as beautiful as it always was. A bold and sharp body, which can withstand a strong collision leaving you, unscratched. All this, this vehicle comes with latest connectivity feature including a 4G Wifi hotspot.

GMC Yukon Overview

One of the Best SUVs available in the market. The GMC Yukon accommodates all updates to give a tough competition to its rivals. Yes, it comes with 4G Hotpot feature along with lavish interior, which has three rows of seating. Considering that, it’s not surprising this vehicle can accommodate up to nine passengers while setting new standards for full-size utility.

GMC Yukon Denali

Aluminum Trim, Contract Stitching, Acoustic Laminated Windshield, Valve Exhaust System, Third Row Fold Flat Bench and whatever, you name it this vehicle accommodates it. With that, it rolls with the following power specs:
• 355 HP
• 383 Torque
• 16m City and 23m Highway Mileage
• Advanced Direction Injection
• Variable Valve Timing
• Redesigned Hydraulic Engine
• Electric Power Steering
• Sheer Style Body Mounts
• Active Fuel Management Technology
• Hill Start Assist
• EcoTec3 V8 Engine
• Duralife Brake Rotor
• GMC Safety Message
• Safe and Connected Onstar
• Front Center Airbag
• Dual-Stage Frontal Airbags
and much more!

Chevrolet Silverado Overview

Chevrolet Silverado is a living prove that the car market is going all fancy. Still, this truck is staying true to its basic truck recipe, which is why people are crazy for it. Following the footsteps of its predecessors, the steering is accurate as always, and it makes the big bad boy a baby to handle.

GMC Silverado

Body style is still coming with regular, and crew cabs. Not to forget, it is a Rear Wheel Drive and All-Wheel Power model. All that and it supports the following specs:
• 420HP Horsepower
• 383ft Torque
• 4.3 Liter V6 Engine
• 99 MPH Top Speed
• 15 Miles in City and 21 Miles on Highway Mileage
• 0-60 Miles in 5.7 seconds

Those are pretty Impressive specs for a pickup truck, but these are the elements that keep GMC Silverado fan base intact after all these years.

GMC Acadia Overview

Acadia is another big player for GMC, which is keeping the brand alive. Well, who’s to blame here, this SUV has everything anyone can ask for. It’s good looking, has a spacious interior, comes with beasty engine specs and offers good mileage. Still, it’s not the flagship SUV.

GMC Acadia

Yeah, you can fit your family in its three-row seating with room for at least six passengers. It also comes with a rear seat alert that doesn’t let forget anything you put there. With that said, let’s have a quick look at its specs:
• 4G Wifi
• 360 Degree Camera
• V6 Engine
• 310 Horsepower
• Standard 4 Wheel Drive
• Apple CarPlay
• Android Auto

It’s a perfect solution for families that need a spacious beast which can take them anywhere on vacations. It accommodates all these features without an overly expensive price tag.

Quick look at the GMC Denali Package

GMC Denali is not a vehicle. Instead, it’s an upgrade package for its SUV and Pickup Truck Line. Yes, this package composes of specifically crafted luxury amenities which you won’t find in the regular package. This package sets high standard and has been doing so since 1999. For someone who wants a premium touch with his vehicle, this is it. Following are the models it upgrades
• GMC Sierra
• GMC Terrain
• GMC Yukon
• GMC Denali

If you have a taste for first-class elements, then you can’t afford to miss this one. All Denali Packages comes with the latest tech and safety features. Therefore, rest assured your car gets the ultimate touch of professional grade from this brand.

The package starts with interiors. Yes, every Denali package comes with quality and attention to detail leather experience. Not to mention, the package also carries heated driver and front passage seating. It’s accompanied by cabin peace, aluminum trim, seat trims, French stitching and much more.

The feature list of a Denali doesn’t not only end at interiors. It also includes a bigger engine, LED lights, specially designed exhaust and much more. Let’s not forget, beasty pickup, more horsepower, and a better mileage is also a few perks of this package.

Apart from the interior, the Denali package also includes incredible new details to the exterior, which leaves everyone stunned.

Introduction to Buick

Buick was formally called the Buick Motor Division. It was founded in 1899 by David Dunbar Buick and is now a subsidiary of General Motors. Buick remains the upscale brand, and it mostly targets the North American Market. Over years, it has established itself as a luxury brand, which is competitively positioned among other GM brands such as Cadillac and Chevrolet.


Over the years, this brand managed to remain distinct thanks to its marque approach. Many people do not know, but this car brand remains as the cornerstone for the establishment of General Motors itself. Moreover, the Founder of GM, William C Durant worked as General Manager of Buick before finding the parent company. Today, the Buick vehicles are mostly sold in United States, Canada, China and even Taiwan. It also shares a bit of its technology with Opel and other such brands. Finally yet importantly, it is compared to Lincoln.

Buick Car Line

At first, the Buick car consisted of Sports car for renowned races all over the world. It was later that this brand got a taste of luxury cars. The fact is, this brand rose to critical acclaim after the Second World War with its following models
• Buick Roadmaster
• Buick Special
• Buick Century
• Buick Electra
• Buick Regal
• Buick LeSabre
• Buick Skylark
• Buick Invicta
• Buick Wildcat

Today, it remains one of the highest selling brands but its competitor overshadows it. However, it still manages to satisfy its loyal customer base. Yes, the brand has not lost its taste for creating vehicles, and the following models prove it:
• Buick Rainier
• Buick Lucerne
• Buick Enclave
• Buick LaCrosse
• Buick Regal GS
• Buick Encore
• Buick Cascada

Speaking of its recent models let’s not forget its notable concept cars:
• Buick Centurion
• Buick Y-Job
• Buick Avenir
• Buick Riviera
• Buick Velite
• Buick Wildcat II
• Buick LeSabre

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